The 15 Best The Pointe Restaurants (Palm Jumeirah)

Few places on earth can rival the unique experience of visiting The Pointe within the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

This man-made island is an engineering marvel and the perfect place to enjoy some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment.

From spending a day on the beach to shopping in world-class malls, The Palm Jumeirah offers entertainment value and a wide variety of activities.

With so many opportunities to build up an appetite, you are also spoiled for choice with the selection of available restaurants. You can find almost any type of cuisine in this gloriously cosmopolitan setting.

1. Cairo 30 Restaurant

Cairo 30 has everything you could look for in a restaurant. Their food at Cairo 30 is prepared according to authentic Egyptian methods and recipes. Staff members are friendly and eager to help, and the portions are generous.

The view from the balcony of Cairo 30 is breathtaking. Due to the elevation, you can enjoy a clear view of the dancing fountain displays and the sea.

With the décor reminiscent of a Cairo caste and food to satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians alike, this is an ideal family-friendly venue to end a fun-filled day out.

  • Location: East side, The Palm Jumeirah
  • Contact: +971 45 844 581
  • Website: Cairo 30

2. A Cappella

A Cappella is a breath of fresh air with exciting and fun events planned throughout the week. From Ladies nights to daily happy hours or Sunday brunches, there is never a dull moment here.

Acapella is situated in front of The Palm Fountain, which makes for a spectacular show.

The bar and kitchen at A Cappella blend seamlessly in this casual venue, where you can watch the chefs work their magic in the open kitchen.

The tapas-style menu draws inspiration from many cultures, so be prepared for a selection of dishes from the entire globe. You can choose from sliders inspired by the USA to Middle Eastern Kofta kebabs or Tempura from Japan.

The bar menu is equally exciting and upbeat. A Cappella is the ideal relaxed venue to get together with friends and enjoy fantastic food and music provided by DJs on selected nights of the week.

  • Location: FB 08 East Wing
  • Contact: +971 58 971 942
  • Website: A Cappella

3. ALACA Restaurants

ALACA combines Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine in a one-of-a-kind way. ALACA is fine-dining at its best. The team manages to be both modern and cutting-edge while being true to the simplicity and heritage of the Anatolian region.

Meals here are delicious and healthy, and the service is quick and friendly. You can indulge in traditional Turkish delights any time of the day, as ALACA is open for breakfast on weekends and late into the night.

ALACA offers indoor dining and outdoor patio seating or counter-side seating to provide for every need- even a man’s best friend can be accommodated at ALACA.

Check out the ALACA website for live entertainment information at this fantastic restaurant.

  • Location: West side, Palm Jumeirah road
  • Contact: +971 45 642 999
  • Website: ALACA Restaurant

4. AKA Restaurant

AKA describes itself as a cyberpunk-inspired Japanese and sushi restaurant. More than just a restaurant, AKA needs to be experienced as it offers a modern twist on the traditional dinner show concept.

Their Asian menu is a fine-dining delight with signature dish selections of wagyu beef, salmon, or baby chicken as main course options and a fabulous selection of Sashimi, nigiri, or ceviche dishes to start with.

A lovely selection of Mochi rounds out the menu if you have a sweet tooth. Their menu is extensive and offers something for every taste.

Aka also offers an extensive bottle menu as well as a shisha menu with some AKA signature blends or individual flavors for you to create your own personal blend.

What really sets AKA apart is their entertainment. AKA has DJs every night to entertain you on your night out with friends into the early hours of the morning. AKA also provides unrivaled shows three nights a week.

  • Location: 1st floor, Western wing, Palm Jumeirah
  • Contact: +971 45 780 555
  • Website: AKA Restaurant

5. Chalet Berezka Restaurant

Chalet Berezka has its roots firmly grounded in Russian culture and offers traditional Russian food that has been merged with international influences. A night out at Chalet Berezka guarantees to be a night to remember.

Chalet Berezka serves up mouth-watering dishes with options ranging from caviar to hearty borsch, homemade palermi, or grilled seafood platters.

Chalet Berezka ensures an unforgettable meal, whether you visit them for a romantic dinner or to watch one of the regular shows. There are so many reasons to visit Chalet Berezka.

You can enjoy a karaoke night out with friends, dance the night away, enjoy a Russian quiz night or enjoy the view from the terrace. They host weekly ladies’ nights, or you could book the venue for private functions.

  • Location: East Marina, Palm Jumeirah
  • Contact: +971 52 156 7405
  • Website: Chalet Berazka

6. Al Beiruti Restau-Café

Al Beiruti transports you to the heart of Lebanon with its hospitality. The Restau-Café is abuzz with warm chatter from clients and chefs alike as the show kitchen prepares delicious Lebanese cuisine perfectly.

You will be warmly welcomed at Al Beiruti any time of the day as they serve freshly made Lebanese bread and coffee from early in the day and a host of delicious traditional meals all thoughted day.

Al Beiruti has its own Shisha Master, so you can look forward to a delectably crafted Shisha to round off a perfect visit while enjoying a clear view of the dancing fountains.

  • Location: East wing, Unit TPT-FB-IN11
  • Contact: +971 45 892 999
  • Website: Al Beiruti

7. Donna Carmela Restaurant

Donna Carmella is a perfect slice of Italy! Their meals are authentically Italian in every way.

From fresh herbs on pizza to generous portions of pasta, you will be transported to Italy while enjoying your view of the Atlantis or watching an enthralling show of the dancing fountains.

Donna Carmela offers something special almost every day of the week with specials on cheese platers or special breakfasts and brunches.

The relaxed atmosphere of Donna Carmela is ideal for your next get-together. They also cater for special gatherings, from small and intimate lunches to special events and celebrations.

  • Location: Eastside
  • Contact: +971 45 762 775
  • Website:  Donna Carmela

8. CMP Bar & Grill

This great American-style steakhouse ticks all the boxes and satisfies the whole family’s dining needs. Their selection of steak is second to none, with their menu including various cuts of aged Black Angus or Wagyu beef.

They select their suppliers with care in order to provide the best and tastiest selection in this award-winning restaurant.

CMP Bar & Grill also provides a great selection of plant-based meals and seafood options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Keep an eye on their special weekday highlights like Welly Wednesdays for your fill of beef wellington or Shuck Yeah specials when you are in the mood for oysters.

Are you looking for an amazing venue to enjoy a weekend brunch? CMP is the place for you. The ground floor of CMP is family-friendly and pet-friendly, with indoor and outdoor seating options to ensure a great view of the fountains.

The CMP first floor is where you can relax with friends and enjoy a selection of world-class cocktails.

9. Chuan Restaurant

At Chuan, you are assured of a world-class meal with chef Yonghe Sun at the helm of the kitchen.

He has served royalty, presidents, and dignitaries from many continents for over five decades, so be prepared to be wowed by a meal in this outstanding fine dining establishment.

Chuan’s menu has a selection of seafood, Chinese, Asian, vegan, and vegetarian options. A highlight on the menu is most certainly their traditionally prepared Peking duck, but honestly, it is hard to decide on just one dish.

Fortunately, the menu at Chuan also includes a selection of sharing platters that allows you the opportunity to try a selection of their delicious dishes!

Surrounded by water on three sides, the view from Chuan is beautiful, the setting is opulent, and the food is presented as a work of art. There is nothing ordinary about Chuan.

  • Location: Zone A, First floor, Westside
  • Contact: +971 45 643 888
  • Website: Chuan Restaurant

10. ZOR Restaurant

ZOR lives up to its name, as the food here is indeed excellent. The décor crockery, music, and hospitality transport you back in time when visiting ZOR.

The flavors incorporated into their menu draw from the rich culinary diverse heritage of Uzbekistan and many of its neighboring countries.

ZOR uses traditional spices from the Tchor-Su market to reproduce authentic dishes like osh, a selection of koftas, or variations of slow-cooked lamb dishes.

ZOR caters to every taste with a vegetarian menu, a kiddie’s menu, a wide selection of cocktails, mocktails, and a Shisha menu. The variety of starters, mains, and desserts at ZOR calls for more than one visit.

11. Argentina Grill Restaurant

A visit to Argentina Grill is only complete if you have tried some of the delectable items from their asado menu.

Dishes prepared on a traditional parrilla are cooked to perfection and are served with a variety of sauces that range from your regular favorites to interesting and unique additions.

If you prefer seafood options, you will not be disapPointeed with the selection available at Argentina Grill.

Grilled octopus, homemade pasta with a seafood sauce, and a variety of grilled fish options are among the delicious options to be found on Argentina Grill’s menu.

No one has been forgotten on this menu, with vegan, vegetarian, Halal, and kiddie menu options available.

What keeps us coming back to Argentina Grill is not found on the menu, though -the friendly and professional staff and the view round out a great meal at Argentina Grill!

12. Hook & Cook Seafood Restaurant

Hook & Cook is the place to eat if you are looking for great variety, healthy seafood dishes, and even a few guilt-free desserts.

It is also the go-to restaurant for all your favorite traditional seafood. In the fast-paced world we find ourselves in, finding a hearty yet healthy meal is a great way to keep in shape, and Hook & Cook makes this possible.

At Hook & Cook, healthy food is certainly not boring, and you are spoiled for choice.

Hook & Cook has a large selection of KETO-friendly meal options alongside firm seafood favorites like battered fish and chips, Lobster Thermador, fried calamari, and fisherman’s pot pie.

Unusual delights like Salmon Wellington and butter curry fish are all part of why Hook and Cook Restaurant is a firm favorite.

13. Il Passaggio Restaurant

Il Passaggio offers the freshest seasonal homemade Italian delights. What sets Il Passaggio apart is the handcrafted food.

From homemade pasta to artisanal bread, pastries, and croissants to their bespoke coffee blends, you are assured of a meal like no other.

At Il Passaggio, the team of chefs chooses to let seasonal fresh ingredients impress you in a simplistic way, but be warned that the portions are generous. Il Passaggio offers a fantastic variety of pasta, pizza, seafood, and meat dishes.

Some favorite dishes from Il Passaggio include Halloumi fries, Ossobuco served with homemade pasta, and Tiramisu.

Part of the great experience at Il Passaggio is watching how your meal is prepared from scratch in the open kitchen. You can pop in for one of the house blends of coffee with freshly baked pastries all day or enjoy breakfast with a sea view.

Or you can enjoy a fun-filled lunch with friends that spills over into a relaxed evening. No matter when you visit Il Passaggio, the professional and friendly staff will make it a visit to remember.

  • Location: No 21 Palm Jumeirah
  • Contact: +971 45 873 111
  • Website: Il Passaggio

14. Fnajeen Restaurant & Café

Fnajeen Restaurant and Café is located in The Pointe in Dubai and serves authentic Iraqi food. They offer a contemporary take on classic Mesopotamian dishes.

Their chefs produce dishes based on ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, and Assyrian celebration fare.

Visit this amazing eatery and savor authentic dishes inspired by ancient Mesopotamian cuisine and its rich cultural past.

15. Guy Fieri’s Kitchen

One of the greatest ways to spend a day at The Pointe, Dubai’s famous waterfront attraction, is at Guy Fieri’s Restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal and some of the chef’s signature dishes.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri, a TV personality and among the world’s most devoted foodies, is bringing his extraordinary dishes to Dubai!

You will find extraordinary gourmet burgers made with chicken, wagyu beef, truffles, and more great dishes on the menu at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and other classic American comfort foods!

  • Cuisine: American
  • Location: The Pointe
  • Trading Hours: (Mon-Thu) from 04:00 pm to 12:00 am, (Sat-Sun) from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Contact: +97144491945
  • Website: Guy Fieri’s Kitchen | The Pointe


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