The 9 Best Keto Restaurants In Dubai (Low-Carb Gems)

It is easy to find keto-friendly restaurants in Dubai since most make it easy to substitute carbs with vegetables or a fresh salad.

That is one reason why it’s super easy to stay on a keto diet since it’s all about eating more protein and fat and fewer carbohydrates.

However, finding places that can be classified as the best while staying true to keto’s roots, where you don’t have to examine the menu with a magnifying glass to find something you’ll like, is a different story.

Here are the best keto restaurants we found in Dubai.

1. Couqley French Bistro Dubai

When you first set foot in the doors of Couqley French Bistro, you know that you are in for a serious food experience.

Couqley offers a wide range of unique and tasty keto-friendly dishes that are tastefully prepared with a strong, but not overwhelming, French influence.

You will immediately notice that the menu includes many keto-friendly meals and others that you can easily substitute.

Even the starters and many desserts are keto-friendly, so you may indulge without feeling guilty because Couqley only uses ingredients that are suitable for a gluten-free, low-carb diet such as keto.

The service here is exceptional. All of the servers and staff are attentive and friendly and manage their tables well. Management is also actively involved in serving the customers.

The food tastes delicious and is exceptionally well prepared. If you like seafood, you can definitely try the Shrimp Avocado as a starter. Oh, and did we mention the healthy keto-friendly desserts?

  • Laguna Tower, Cluster A, Jumeirah Lake Towers Movenpick Hotel
  • +971 4 514 9339


KOBEYa will calm your body, mind, and soul with strong Zen vibes from how the restaurant is designed.

This quaint little place will bring calm and peace to every customer, while the food is prepared with not only taste but also your health in mind.

When you set your eyes on the Asian and Arabic fused menu, you will notice that you have a vast selection of keto-prepared foods that are super healthy without any carbohydrates.

For example, there is a highly recommended breakfast item called Keto Eggs Benedict that is placed on a bed of tasty and healthy grilled zucchini and eggplant.

The food is prepared well so that you may eat any of the delicious meals without any guilt. No cheating day is required.

It is hard to find places like KOBEYa, where you can choose almost anything off the menu and still eat keto-friendly meals or 100 percent keto-prepared food.

People often think that having this kind of keto food selection, combined with service that is, frankly, outstanding, is nearly impossible. Yet KOBEYa is doing precisely that. in a new tab)

3. Ayamna

Ayamna offers you a massive selection of Lebanese food that is prepared in a way that won’t leave you feeling that you may have overstepped some keto lines.

Though not quite as extensive as some others, just take a quick look at the menu, and you will see that you will have a wide variety of food you can eat while still staying 100 percent true to your keto diet.

Ayamna’s food is full of flavor and aroma. The food will have most of your senses vibrating in anticipation for more of the well-prepared dishes.

Though the quality will speak for itself, and the food is satisfying enough to warrant a visit, the service at Ayamna is also incredible, as one would expect from a restaurant that is so highly appraised for its dishes and service.

4. Hurricane’s Grill Dubai Mall

It is debatable whether Hurricane’s Grill is keto-friendly or not, but the fact of the matter is that you can have meals here that can be classified as low in carbs and high in protein and fat.

For example, you can have a selection of seafood or meat with a hearty salad as a side.

Hurricane’s selection of meals will satisfy anyone craving a succulent meat- or seafood platter, or if you cannot choose between the two, why not get the Surf & Turf Feast, where you get the best of both worlds?

Also, with how deliciously the food is prepared at Hurricane’s Grill, not to mention the staff’s outstanding service, you will most probably find yourself coming back here time and time again.

The choice of cuisine is something to experience, with a fusion of South African, Australian, and Portuguese meals. Everything at Hurricane’s is incredibly delicious.

5. Vanitas

Vanitas is unreservedly the establishment to visit if you are looking for a restaurant that is both elegant and charming, serves great-tasting food, and has well-trained, friendly, and accommodating staff.

Vanitas has a stunning scenic view of Dubai Creek, making Vanitas one of the perfect spots for a romantic evening out. As if the backdrop is not memorable enough, even the aesthetics are perfect.

Old Italian interiors also play a role in how the restaurant sets a romantic mood for your special date night.

Apart from that, you have a wide selection of carefully prepared vegetable and seafood dishes that are a must if you want keto-friendly food.

All the dishes at Vanitas are selected and prepared with precision, and each meal tastes like the stuff that happy dreams are made of.

6. Plaj

The word “plaj” is a Turkish word for a bathing beach, which is precisely what this restaurant aims to represent.

Plaj provides the exact dining experience you would expect from an establishment in the Palm district. The atmosphere is calming, with amazing views of the pool and beach.

We all know that water can have a calming effect on the soul, and Plaj definitely has the power to relax any weary soul with fantastic views along with delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

This is one of the best places in Dubai to go to if you want to eat healthier but still enjoy the best food that life has to offer.

The seafood salad is superbly well-presented and is even more delicious than it looks, and because it’s keto, you can leave the guilt at home.

Apart from the views and the exceptional food, the service at Plaj will make anyone feel like royalty; they are that attentive.

7. Yum!

Yum! is an award-winning restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The atmosphere is spectacular, expertly created with many different wooden textures and openness that feels welcoming. From the moment you step foot into Yum! you feel rejuvenated by the energy and soul of this establishment.

This is one place you need to experience for yourself. Even though the keto dishes are prepared and served fresh, you won’t have to wait long at all before your food arrives.

At Yum! you will immediately know that hospitality is one of the most important aspects that they aim for, and they do an excellent job at achieving that goal.

8. Cucina Mia Restaurant

Cucina Mia has a large selection that you can choose from while staying within the keto’s boundaries.

Though the service is occasionally found lacking, the staff are apologetic if they notice that you are in any way disappointed about the service you received at Cucina Mia.

Also, the restaurant has a very simple atmosphere, so you should not expect any spectacular ambiance from Cucina Mia.

Nevertheless, you will have an enjoyable time eating some of the best keto options that Dubai has to offer. A good suggestion is to have the Zuppa di Marc soup as a starter.

All the ingredients are fresh, and the soup is simply amazing. Then go with the Salmone Alla Griglia as the main dish; it will not disappoint in any way; it is always fresh and prepared exceptionally well.

Don’t let the simplicity of Cucina Mia deter you; the food more than makes up for the lack of ambiance.

  • Shop 3, Marina Walk, La Verda Suites & Villas
  • +971 4 425 9696

9. The Cycle Bistro

The primary stand-out feature of The Cycle Bistro is that it is 100 percent committed to preparing and serving food in such a way that it is both sustainable and healthy, with zero additives or preservatives.

The restaurant also only sources the best ingredients to ensure that its customers eat some of the best dishes without ever having to wonder if they are eating keto or not.

The menu at The Cycle Bistro also changes according to season, which is a surefire way to have 100 percent confidence that you are only eating what is freshly produced in that season.

This is one of the ideal cafés since you do not even have to scrutinize the menu for something keto-friendly to enjoy.

Everybody is friendly, and even the chef has been known to go around to customers to chat when he isn’t busy preparing healthy and refreshing meals.


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