Top 16 Best Korean BBQ In Dubai

Now, if you’re looking for some of the best places to gorge yourself fully on deliciously fragrant Korean BBQ, then you’re definitely in luck!

With this comprehensive guide, you can find genuine Korean dining experiences and Asian fusion eateries. Either way, you’ll certainly feel satisfied after visiting!

1. Hanok The Korean Restaurant

Hanok, The Korean Restaurant, is a genuine gem of Korean cuisine in Dubai with a superb variety of BBQ dishes, including beef Galbi-Gui accompanied with other main dishes of honey glazed chicken, japchae, shrimp and beef bulgogi, Ojingeo bokkeum, and much, much more!

And don’t forget to try the popular dishes of haemul ramyun, jjajangmyeon, bibimbap, maeun galbi braised Beef short ribs, and mul naengmyun.

There is a great assortment of desserts such as Bingsu, shaved ice desserts with varieties such as coconut, chocolate, jackfruit, and Matcha Ice cream.

You’ll come to love the restaurant’s atmosphere with its Korean-inspired modern décor featuring wall prints of Buddhist temples and partitions mimicking the interior of Hanok, which are traditional homes.

So, when you visit, you’ll be certain to feel as if you’re actually in Korea!

2. Sumibaya

Now, if you’re looking for one of the most unique and sublime Korean BBQ experiences, head to Sumibiya!

Here diners can exp on a fusion of BBQ cuisine of Japanese style “Yakiniku” BBQ and the Korean equivalent of Samgyeopsal, which refers to the practice of grilling cuts of pork belly.

Sumibaya offers the traditional range of meat such as beef and pork to be cooked on the built-in table grill, alongside various seafood options such as salmon and shrimp.

These come with the optional side dishes of Kimchi, sushi platters, spring rolls, vegetables, and a wide range of soups.

So why not pay a visit to Sumibaya with its amazing assortment of BBQ dishes which you can enjoy in a welcoming and ambient atmosphere complete with an open kitchen design and private booths.

The Sumibaya also offers many vegetarian and Halal options, so there’s no reason not to visit!

3. Sonamu- Korean BBQ Restaurant

You’re in for a great meal when you dine at Sonamu, one of Dubai’s most authentic yet hip Korean BBQ restaurants!

Upon visiting, you’ll be amazed at the huge variety of traditional Korean dishes, including bibimbap, japchae, and Kimchi, which accompany the beef seared over the open hot pot.

You’ll be delighted to hear that Sonamu offers many seafood options, including fresh tuna tataki, sushi, maki platters, and oysters.

Whet your palate between meals with soju as you take in the lovely scenery of bonsai trees, hanging lantern lights on high ceilings, and low seating.

4. Romantic Baka (4.5)

For a hearty and delicious taste of Korean BBQ, then pop over to Romantic Baka, where diners can choose from a selection of 5 types of marinated and spiced meat to grill.

It comes with a kettle of a soft beverage of your choice with side dishes of Korean fried chicken, seasoned spinach, and much more!

The restaurant also has a pleasant atmosphere with furnished wooden stalls, neon lights, and pot plants everywhere.

You’ll truly feel like you’re stuck in a K-drama when you visit Romantic Baka with K-pop quietly playing in the background that complements the snazzy, modern décor and friendly servers!

5. WAWA Dining

Visiting WAWA Dining should be on your to-do list when you’re in town!

Here you can fully experience the spectrum of flavors that Japanese and Korean cooking provide, from beef bulgogi ramen miso to Suwon wang galbi to fresh sashimi and Sapporo Steak.

Once you’ve swung by, why not also try some of their seafood options, including the delicious Japanese batter fried Calamari and tempura.

I’d recommend that you’d also sample one of their ice-cream trays, or better yet, try and stomach some of the strong sake or soju at the in-house bar!

When you’re at WAWA, dining is an unforgettable and unique affair as the restaurant has a great ambiance complemented by its décor fully decked out with Japanese and Korean elements, including cherry blossoms, hanging lanterns, illustrations of sumo wrestlers, and Korean talismans.

  • Address: WAWA Dining, G floor, Golden Tulip Hotel, Al Barsha 1
  • Website:  
  • Phone Number: +971 50 114 2580

6. Yuraku

Yuraku has a truly drool-worthy selection of Korean, Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese-style barbequed meats, so why not stop over?

You’ll find Korean dishes such as Samgyeopsal and bibimbap, alongside Tonkatsu, fried pork cutlets, and Takoyaki, fried balls of batter filled with ginger, tempura, and onion.

And to top it off, Yuraku often has all-you-can-eat promotional offers from time to time, especially for Samgyeopsal.

Once you’ve tried their delicious mains, if you still have some room left for more or want a taste of something sweet, try some of the mango, chocolate, and matcha desserts.

The restaurant has a pleasant yet upscale atmosphere with blue-themed decor, abstract ink prints lining the walls, and a contemporary floor layout.

The large tables with built-in grills, plush seating, and soft lighting make eating here a truly enjoyable experience!

7. Sobahn

Want to grab an extremely hearty meal? Then check out Sobahn! Here you can feast on tasty Korean BBQ dishes such as Chicken and Beef Galbi.

Sobahn also offers Japanese and Chinese meals, including Wagyu steak, Sashimi, Maki and Sushi rolls, and Kung Pao Chicken.

The restaurant’s spacious layout with tasteful décor complements the excellent food.

The copious amount of warm lighting and the tiled open-front kitchen, which connects with the seating area, creates an intimate, warm atmosphere that elevates your dining experience!

8. Shogun

Are you itching for some delicious Korean BBQ dishes like Beef Bulgogi or Dakgalbi? Well, then try Shogun, which specializes in not only Korean cooking but also Japanese and Thai food!

Here you can expect to find a great assortment of meat and seafood that you can grill or have deep-fried in batter.

If you have a bigger appetite, why not munch on other fan favorites such as the tteok-bokki, tofu salads, japchae, soups, kimchi-jjigae, or Korean fried chicken?

Whatever you choose, you’ll certainly be happy once you’re there with its cozy, private booths and East-Asian style artwork lining the walls.

9. Shokudo Korean Japanese Restaurant

If you’re looking for an eatery where you can eat to your heart’s content, why not give the Shokudo Korean Japanese Restaurant a go? You can find bulgogi, tempura, gyoza, futo maki, sashimi, and Korean barbequed shrimp.

At the restaurant, you’ll find that the warm lighting emanating from the traditional lanterns and the smiles from the waiting staff really contribute to the lovely environment of the place.

So, why not hop on over, and of course, bring your appetite!

10. Happy GrassLand Buffet

Now, if it’s a satisfying meal you’re searching for, visit the Happy GrassLand Buffet, which features a medley of different meats and seafood such as prawns, squid, and Calamari can be cooked in the hotpot or barbequed over the Korean-style coal-fire grill.

You really can go wild with the number of options the buffet gives you, including staples of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Mongolian cuisine.

So why not rustle up a plate of Korean BBQ with some of the impeccable sushi rolls or sip on some noodle broth, complete with eggs, mushrooms, and cabbage.

Regardless of what you settle on eating, the ambiance, friendly service staff, and oh-so-necessary air conditioning will surely add to your experience!

11. Hyu Korean Restaurant

At Hyu Korean Restaurant, you can grill some mouth-watering Yangnyeom Galbi, which is salty-sweet marinated short ribs, or sip on some Yukgaejang, spicy beef, and scallion soup.

Some other popular menu items include the Japchae, Popcorn Chicken, seafood soup, and Tuna Kimbap.

The friendly service staff and owner, alongside the communal dining, give the Hyu Korean Restaurant a hospitable atmosphere which is excellent for evening dining, celebrating a birthday with friends, or just soaking up some good vibes!

12. The Sky Korean Restaurant & Bar

Got some cravings for some BBQ? Well, then, The Sky Korean Restaurant and Bar will hit the spot with its selection of braised and grilled cutlets, including hangjungsal, bulgogi, and hot pot.

If you’re a bit thirsty, you can also try some of the large selections of beverages such as Soju, Makgeolli, and Mekju.

The place also has a good amount of natural lighting, which alongside the Korean-inspired décor, creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere for diners.

The tentative staff also makes The Sky Korean Restaurant & Bar a great little eatery that you really shouldn’t miss!

13. K Pop Chicken

Like its namesake, K Pop Chicken provides visitors with an unforgettable BBQ dining experience straight out of a K-Pop video!

Their galbi, sweet and spicy Popcorn chicken, and Bulgogi Dupbap are some of their best and most popular dishes, making you want to visit K-Pop Chicken time and time again!

The bright green walls, ample natural sunlight, and hanging metal lamps give the place a lively and bustling atmosphere, making eating at K-Pop Chicken an enjoyable and pleasurable experience!

14. Gangnam Korean Restaurant

No Korean BBQ experience is complete without at least sampling some Kimchi jeon, Korean-style pancakes made with Kimchi, or some spicy Beef stew.

So why not visit Gangnam Korean Restaurant, which also features a decent range of seafood, including crab legs, oyster soups, and prawns.

You can also try the delectable bibimbap or wrap your meal up with some Korean Ice Cream or some Iced coffee which is highly recommended!

The friendly service staff and the segmented layout make for a great place to relax and get a bite to eat!

15. Seoul Garden Restaurant

The Seoul Garden Restaurant has a lot to offer with its range of Korean BBQ dishes that you can sauté or flame-grill.

But I personally feel that the best dishes would probably be the Yangnyeom Galbi, Kimchi spiced beef noodles, Haemul Kalguksu, and the Twigim Mandu which have people raving!

The restaurant also has great customer service and servers that are quite reciprocating and personable, so you’ll certainly have a comfortable dining experience!

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can also arrange to have private seating for a more intimate setting.

16. Pojang Macha

For a casual yet cozy time, hit up the Pojang Macha, a small poolside Korean restaurant and bar located at the top of the Asiana Hotel.

You’ll find a nice ambiance at night, accompanied by the pool lights and excellent Korean gastronomy.

While you’re there, try sampling the galbi-gui, Doenjang-jjigae, bibimbap, egg soup, and kimchi jjigae. The service is also quite good, and the open kitchen makes the experience much warmer and more entertaining!


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