The 11 Best Mercato Mall Restaurants (Unique & Tasty)

Mercato Mall’s unique and irreplaceable atmosphere makes it a fan favorite among Dubai locals and tourists.

The mall serves the requirements of the locals in Jumeirah and surrounding regions, but it also draws in thousands of international visitors and tourists each year

It has an abundance of cafés and restaurants that provide a charming setting to enjoy a meal on the patio or the charming cobblestone streets.

You can choose from a selected assortment of restaurants serving anything from freshly prepared French and Arabic fare to foreign cuisines and fast-food options. 

1. Samurai Sushi & Grill 

This restaurant’s Japanese fare is popular among the community. Excellently prepared Maki rolls, prawns, and deliciously tender chicken. The cheesecakes you can order from Samurai Sushi & Grill are the best we have tasted in a while. 

Samurai Sushi & Grill has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that puts diners at ease and invites them to have a good time.

The pleasant service and the knowledgeable personnel are two of the establishment’s strongest points in our books.

They strive to keep their rates reasonable, which is a significant selling point. Delicate furnishings make guests feel at ease in this lovely restaurant.

We recommend Samurai Sushi & Grill for business, family, or friends who love to enjoy quality time and meals here. 

2. The Shake Shack

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We could not possibly compile a list of the best Mercato Mall restaurants without mentioning Shake Shack. If you are after roadside-style food, this is the place for you.

Not only can you enjoy American fare made with natural ingredients, but it comes at affordable prices, too. 

The Shake Shake is known for its tasty hot dogs, burgers, fries, frozen custard, and more. It is a terrific spot for people of all ages to get together and enjoy delicious, fresh cuisine at a reasonable price. 

Shake Shack has expanded rapidly since its initial site debuted about a decade ago, with various locations around the United States and seven outlets across the Middle East in the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Enjoy a quick bite to eat and savor the great flavors of the Shake Shack with friends.

3. The Dutchess Restaurant

Mercato Mall now has a functioning Duchess. For that reason alone, the Dutchess restaurant is our number three. 

The much-anticipated relocation of the popular breakfast restaurant to Mercato Mall’s first floor is just one of many delights the center offers. 

The Duchess plans to demonstrate this philosophy by uniting cutting-edge cuisine with old-world allure, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and cooking with a focus on simplicity and quality.

Jason Walsh, the expert head chef at the Duchess, reveals her commitment to treating every customer like a guest of honor.

Enjoy a glorious experience and be treated like royalty at the Dutchess. We love it, and we are convinced you will too. 

4. Arabian Tea House

Their motto, “Experience Emirati Hospitality,” encapsulates their commitment to providing customers with a relaxing and welcoming environment to enjoy a wide selection of authentic Emirati delicacies prepared with care. 

All of their locations have historical significance and serve as portals into the rich cultural history of the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, “Dubai House” locations in Montenegro and Egypt mark a worldwide expansion for Arabian Tea House.

The Tea House boasts a broad selection on its menu, including children, vegetarian meals, breakfasts, starters, salads, sandwiches, main courses, barbeques, traditional sweets, and seafood. 

Everything about the Arabian Tea House speaks of old-fashioned Arabic hospitality and beautiful values. We highly recommend visiting the Tea House with friends or family to experience taste, culture, art, and pleasure. 

5. SLAB Restaurant

Imagine eating gourmet food, but in a mall and at affordable prices. That’s what you get when you eat at Slab. And that is why we simply had to feature this unique restaurant on our list of the best restaurants at Mercato Mall. 

Slab at Mercato is a one-of-a-kind eatery and specialty coffee house that places a premium on culinary innovation, fresh ingredients, and the perfection of a satisfying meal.

They strive to provide warm, kind, laid-back, sophisticated, and enjoyable service. 

It’s a restaurant where you will have a fantastic dinner every day from a top-notch chef. The food is cutting edge and trendy, drawing influence from around the globe.

Instead of going to a stuffy, formal restaurant, friends and family can have a special meal together in this beautiful location. 

Natural plants and wood decorate the minimalist, cozy dining room close enough to the cooking area to smell the aromas and observe the chefs at work.

Ultimately, chef Omar Rodriguez‘s family history in the kitchen inspires Slab as a chef-driven approach. New, original, and seasonal offerings are constantly available alongside perennial classics.

The bar section treats coffee with the same respect as great wine, creating a relaxing and stylish atmosphere. Like the kitchen, its goal will be to produce extraordinary works of art that leave the onlooker speechless.

Slab offers delectable vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options and halal and regular meat options for patrons, so there truly is something for everyone. Be inspired and try something new and exciting from the ever-changing menu. 

6. Gazebo Restaurant

Gazebo is a restaurant specializing in traditional Indian fare and faithfully reinvents the delicacies gracing the plates of India’s royal family.

Gazebo’s dishes, made with time-honored techniques and the finest ingredients, guarantee a “Royal Indian Journey” and provide diners with a taste of India that stays with them forever. 

Delicious dishes formerly reserved for the royal family include juicy Kababs, sumptuous Curries, aromatic Dum Biryanis, and luscious desserts.

Gazebo Restaurant restores Indian cuisine’s seductive attraction with its steaming handis of mouthwatering Biryanis, rich, creamy meals of mutton, chicken, fish, and vegetables, followed by your choice of sweet desserts. 

You are bound to enjoy a lavish and refreshingly quiet meal thanks to the intimate lighting decorating Gazebo, joined by the Mughlai art and intricate woodcarvings adorning the room.

Every aspect of the restaurant merges to bring you the best possible experience, and we cannot recommend it highly enough. Gazebo is suitable for family, friends, or for a solo meal. 

7. PAUL Patisserie & Restaurant

PAUL Patisserie brings the best of French bakery dining right to your doorstep in Mercato Mall. We love that you can take a trip to Paris without buying a ticket, and, of course, the flavors and aromas coming from the kitchen are delectable.

The restaurant serves a variety of pastries, bread, cakes, and sweets, in addition to main courses, and sandwiches, all with a homemade, French country-style flair.

You can have a traditional French breakfast, lunch, supper, afternoon tea, or a quick snack at PAUL. PAUL is the best option for a quick, high-quality takeout meal or a leisurely, tasty snack in the tea room.

We recommend setting aside an afternoon and savoring the flavors of France at PAUL to really soak in the experience. 

8. Shamix Restaurant

For the best-tasting shawarma, visit Shamix. You will be treated to a fusion of street food taken to an all-new level. For the innovation and taste explosion, we love Shamix at Mercato Mall. 

Shamix is a new innovative style of cuisine that elevates traditional Shami street food while adding a contemporary twist.

Mercato Mall is located in the center of Jumeirah and is the place to experience the culture of Shami Street and eat some delicious Shawarma.  

Know that the Falafel, Mosakhan, Oriental Appetizers, Manaqeesh, and other delicious dishes served at Shamix will leave an indelible impression on your palate. We keep coming back for more, and we expect you will, too. 

9. Hardee’s Restaurant

The Hardee’s name has become somewhat of a staple in Dubai, which is why we are pleased to include it on our list of the best restaurants at Mercato Mall. 

Since its inception in the Middle East, Hardee’s has provided approximately 120 million customers worldwide with the signature flavor and selection for which the chain is known.

The staff at Hardee’s will bring your delicious, juicy, chargrilled burgers to your table. Hardee’s provides a superior fast-food service in a method that’s convenient for everybody.

Whether you’re looking for a place to eat in, take out, drive through, have food delivered, or let the kids play on the kiddie’s playground to burn off some energy while you take a well-deserved break.

10. Pizza Hut Restaurant

While Pizza Hut may not be an entirely unique experience to enjoy in Dubai, there is something to be said for the homely atmosphere and sense of nostalgia visiting a Pizza Hut outlet instills.

For nostalgia and comfort food alone, we are happy to include this restaurant on our list. Pizza Hut offers an extensive menu, including favorites like tasty chicken, salads, and pizza.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff is available all year for guests, and children are treated to kiddy menus and activities. Pizza Hut has high-quality service because of its trained staff. 

Make Pizza Hut one of your stops and enjoy the hype for yourself. 

11. Repeat Cafe

Repeat simply has to be on our list for the sheer decadence of the treats they serve. We simply cannot resist a delectable browny and milkshake, and we think you will also fall in love with this café.

There is no better way to happily beat the shopping heat than to enjoy a decadent and delicious treat from Repeat.

Order one of no fewer than fifteen flavors of gelato. Their specialty flavors include Peanut Butter, Kinder Ferrero Rocher, and more. Repeat is also well-known for its specialty milkshakes and Belgian chocolate brownies.

If popsicles are more your style, Repeat provides them in true glamorous fashion with a selection of six toppings, including nuts, berries, lemon, and various chocolates. 

Take a break from shopping at Mercato Mall and enjoy a cold, decadent treat, then continue shopping and repeat. 



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