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The 13 Best Pad Thai Restaurants In Dubai (Authentic Recipe)

Pad Thai is now available at almost every Thai restaurant. This famous meal may be found anywhere from the northern highlands to the busy districts of Bangkok. Pad Thai is typically prepared with tofu and shrimp, although it can also be vegetarian or prepared with beef or chicken.

Whatever your preference, make sure to sit down and enjoy this delectable dinner at any of these fantastic restaurants before departing Dubai. Thai food is famous worldwide, and for a good reason.

Over many decades, Thai food and Thailand’s neighbors’ culinary traditions and cuisines, particularly Malaysia, India, and Indonesia, have inspired one another. The use of spices in Thai cuisine originates in India. The food is well-known, and once you’ve had it, you’ll want to come back for more. Let’s look at some of Dubai’s greatest Pad Thai restaurants.

1. Benjarong Restaurant

With Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s spectacular skyline views, dine in Thai style. Discover a genuine culinary adventure centered on the highest-quality ingredients, flavor harmony and balance, and superb presentation. Benjarong’s mouth-watering collection of genuine Thai cuisine is more than a menu; it’s a complete gastronomic trip.

Expert Thai Chef de Cuisine Wichit Panyo and his staff use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to create multi-award-winning dishes that find the ideal balance and harmony between the five flavors of cream, sweet, sour, spicy, and salty.

This historic restaurant space has been renovated and revived with a dynamic show of color that gracefully respects its rich legacy, from blue velvets to deep reds in the ceiling, accentuated by golds, greens, and whites in the pillars and architectural features.

A mix of European patterns and interesting Thai components gives the area a fresh new appearance while retaining an elegant contemporary design that seamlessly mixes with a feeling of rustic grandeur.

  • Location: Dusit Thani, 133 Sheikh Zayed Road, 24th Floor
  • Trading Hours: 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Contact Details: +971 (4) 343 3333
  • Website: Benjarong – Dusit Thani Dubai

2. The Thai Kitchen

The award-winning Thai restaurant in Dubai overlooks Dubai Creek and the marina. The Thai Kitchen at Park Hyatt Dubai is a solid choice for enthusiasts of traditional Thai cuisine. For the most genuine Thai experience, immerse yourself in the bustling streets of Thailand, taking in the sights and smells of a burning wok, steamy bamboo baskets, and street grilling.

This is a beautiful outdoor location where the tables are placed along the water’s edge. A favorite dining establishment for many from all across the world. Enjoy superb Thai food and excellent customer service and after dinner, take a stroll down the boardwalk under the stars. Valet parking is available.

3. Pai Thai Restaurant

An award-winning Thai restaurant serves fragrant traditional meals on the hotel’s lush grounds. Pai Thai is a Thai restaurant in Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah. The restaurant is noted for its traditional Thai food and open-air dining overlooking the Madinat Jumeirah waterfront.

Pad Thai, stir fry chicken, pomelo salad, Thai Green Curry, and Green Papaya Salad are just a few dishes available at Pai Thai Dubai. The restaurant also boasts a full bar, luxury dining, indoor seating, valet parking, and romantic waterfront dining. Don’t miss out on a Thai dining experience at Pai Thai in Dubai.

4. Wise Kwai

Chef Jet is the brains behind Wise Kwai’s cuisine. Jet began working at a modest hotel in Bangkok when he was eighteen years old, where he began to learn Thai cuisine. He is a multi-award-winning chef who has always enjoyed cooking and spent several years of his childhood admiring and learning about none other except his native land.

Wise Kwai is a multi-award-winning Thai restaurant that has received recognition from various award-giving agencies and lifestyle magazines. The following are some of our significant awards:

  • 2021 Best Casual Dining Thai Restaurant – Fact Dining Awards
  • 2022 Best Casual Dining Thai Restaurant – Fact Dining Awards
  • 2020 Winner of Dubai Hidden Gems
  • Recognized Thai Select Restaurant – Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion

Taste real Thai street cuisine while immersed in a creative burst of retro film culture. Explore a variety of vibrant Thai cuisine crafted by Thai chefs using real ingredients.

5. Tong Thai

If you enjoy Thai cuisine, Tong Thai Dubai is an excellent choice. The restaurant offers an array of delicious Thai dishes, including Pad Thai, prawn cake, sticky rice, seafood, Thai green curry, spring rolls, and gluten-free alternatives.

Enjoy unrivaled Thai service and cuisine that highlights distinctive regional specialties, including street food and traditional classics beloved worldwide. A real Thai crew carefully prepares and serves distinctive Thai cuisine in an excellent atmosphere.

Aside from their extensive cuisine, they also provide amenities such as a full bar, indoor seating, valet parking, a private dining area, romantic dining, and luxury dining.

  • Location: Level 4, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay
  • Trading Hours: 6:00 pm to 12:00 am (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact Details: +97144143000
  • Website: Tong Thai (

6. Thiptara

Thiptara restaurant is a fantastic choice for all Pad Thai fanatics! Thiptara portrays Thailand’s mystery and intrigue like no film ever could. It provides traditional Royal Thai cuisine, focusing on Bangkok-style seafood, in an exquisite and private setting.

By providing amazing dining experiences, genuine ambiance, and fascinating settings, the venue lives up to the hype, which means enchantment on the sea. Their impressive menu includes favorites such as Pad Thai, Thai vegetable curry, Thai mango, avocado salad, and beef tenderloin.

The restaurant has wheelchair access and has a full bar, valet parking, luxury outdoor and indoor seating, and a beautiful waterfront view. Overall, the food and ambiance at Thiptara are well worth a visit.

7. Woks Den

Woks Den serves authentic Thai, Asian, and Chinese cuisine and specialty seafood and light nibbles. Woks Den has a pleasant ambiance with stunning large Dragon graffiti design in addition to wonderful meals. Their major goal is for consumers to have a pleasant and loving time with friends and family.

Thanks to their courteous employees, fast services, and the numerous options on their extensive menu, they can do so. Dragon fuel, mango mule, and ginger punch are just a few of the exotic beverages served at Woks Den.

If you want to treat your taste senses, come here for a fun time with friends and family. A delightful experience awaits you, with many Pan Asian culinary alternatives. Pad thai, noodles, tom yum soup, momos, dragon shrimp, bami goreng, and chicken satay are some of their best-selling items.

8. Little Bangkok

Little Bangkok Restaurant is one of Dubai Marina’s greatest Thai restaurants. Little Bangkok, Dubai’s most popular Thai restaurant, welcomes you with a delectable culinary journey from the moment you arrive. Almost every component of their dishes is prepared from scratch, ensuring an exceptional dining experience.

The ideal Pad Thai, a spicy Som Tam (papaya salad), coconut soup, masaman beef curry, tempura shrimp, prawn pad thai, Chicken Shumai, yogurt ice cream, Thailand’s famed red curry are just a few of their most popular Thai meals. You don’t have to limit yourself with their large selection of classic curries, noodles, stir-fried specials, and dim sums.

The restaurant also offers home delivery services, is wheelchair accessible, and has stunning Thai-themed interior and exterior decor. Residents suggest this establishment because of its warmth and excellent service.

9. Mandalay Thai Restaurant

The Head Chef of Mandalay Thai is Chef Uatai Marina, also known as “Chef Jos.” Chef Jos discovered his passion for cooking at a young age and was raised by his parents in Thailand’s Roi Et district to respect food and hard labor.

Chef Jos worked and honed his Thai cuisine culinary abilities in Bangkok and Thai restaurants in Bangalore and Malaysia before settling in Dubai. As a result, he enjoys a one-of-a-kind worldwide Thai culinary experience.

Mandalay Thai is one of Dubai’s best Thai restaurants. Mandalay Thai is a fantastic alternative if you prefer Thai food but don’t want to leave your house. There is also a delivery service available at the restaurant, and they place a premium on authenticity.

The restaurant is also known for its Veg Pad Thai Noodles, SeeEw, Chicken Pad, SeeEw, and garlic and pepper chicken satay. Top-rated meals include dynamite shrimps and chicken cashew nuts. Residents praise this restaurant for its authentic, delectable cuisine, generous portions, spill-proof packaging, and prompt service.

  • Location: JVC – Delivers to JVC and all surrounding areas (up to a radius of about 15 km)
  • Trading Hours: 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact Details: +97145140087
  • Website: Mandalay Thai | Authentic Thai Food, Online

10. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is one of Dubai’s most popular Thai restaurants. This restaurant is well-known for its Asian-inspired cuisine. Pad thai, garlic beef, Thai burgers, Thai papaya salad, cashew chicken, broccoli salad, and banana fritters are all popular dishes at the restaurant.

Home delivery, valet parking, indoor and outdoor seating, and vegan and gluten-free alternatives are all available at the restaurant. Residents praise this restaurant because of the pleasant environment, calm atmosphere, and delicious cuisine.

11. Royal Orchid Restaurant

If you enjoy Thai cuisine, Royal Orchid is a fantastic choice. It is regarded as one of Dubai’s top Thai restaurants. In addition, they provide delivery services. Furthermore, the restaurant places a premium on maintaining a clean and healthful environment.

Pad Thai, Duck, Curry, Wasabi Prawns, Hakka Noodles, Prawn Crackers, Hakka Noodles, and Desserts are very popular at the restaurant. Residents suggest this establishment due to its friendliness and excellent service.

  • Location: Burj Khalifa Area
  • Trading Hours: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact Details: +97144226767

12. Streetery Food Hall by Zen Restaurant

Streetery Food Hall by Zen Restaurant is a homegrown South East Asian eatery. They transport you to the places and streets of the world’s largest continent with its authentic flavor and quality ingredients, focusing on the best of comfort in Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Korean street cuisine.

Pad thai, Penang curry, Thai papaya salad, crispy beef, egg noodles, dim sum, and Thai green curry are popular dishes here. The restaurant also offers home delivery and attractive inside and outdoor dining. The rooftop ambiance, authentic taste, family crowd, and young audience are all popular features of this establishment.

  • Location: Lake Level, Shop D6B, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
  • Trading Hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact Details: +97145873373

13. Innlay Asia

Innlay Asia is one of Dubai’s best Thai restaurants. This restaurant is noted for its Asian food, which includes Pad Thai, spring rolls, beef, and dessert are very popular at this restaurant. They specialize in Southeast Asian cuisine such as Myanmar, Thai, Indo, Malay, Singapore, Vietnam, and Chinese.

Innlay Asia Restaurant honors a seasoned chef who will request great-tasting meals made with raw ingredients, offering excellent Asian cuisine ranging from Thai, Burmese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Singaporean. The personnel at the restaurant are friendly and courteous.

Visit Innlay Asia Restaurant to experience all of Southeast cuisine under one roof. The restaurant also offers delivery services to customers’ homes.

  • Location: Shop No. 2 and 3, Lobby level, HDS Tower, JLT
  • Trading Hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact Details: 04-4587117/050-7795894
  • Website: Innlay Asia Restaurant


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