The 9 Best Pancake Places In Dubai You Need to Try

No matter where your travels take you, it is customary to yearn for some decadent, fluffy pancakes. Whether you like them sweet or savory, thin or thick, Dubai has you covered.

Rather than doing hours of research on the internet or having to ask around, here’s a list of the nine best pancake places in Dubai to settle your craving.

1. Eggspectation

When you are near Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) or City Walk, you must treat yourself to one of the best places to fill your stomach (with pancakes): Eggspectation. 

Eggspectation has become the first choice for both local and traveling pancake lovers.

They have generous portions, visually appealing dishes, excellent service, and pancakes you’ll never want to pass on. If you only have one chance to eat in Dubai, make this your destination.

Pancakes that come highly recommended include the High Rise and Blueberry pancakes. The High Rise will meet your salty needs with sausages, bacon, and potato in between the pancakes.

The Blueberry pancakes come with three blueberry compote-filled pancakes and maple syrup. Going the traditional route gets you the option to add either a fruit mix or some chocolate chips.

Besides delicious pancakes, you can also enjoy Eggspectation’s waffles and chicken, which are a big hit with customers craving a classic American dish.

  • For a great experience at JBR:

Address: Shop: 1406, Roxy Cinema Building – JBR

Contact detail: +9714-430-7252 (JBR)

  • Otherwise, if you are in City Walk:

Address: City Walk – Al Safa St

Contact detail: +9714-240-6877

2. Denny’s Diner and Breakfast

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Another favorite on any expert’s list of recommended places to get good pancakes is Denny’s Diner and Breakfast.

Denny’s offers seven premium breakfast pancake dishes. All breakfast pancakes come with two eggs, hash browns, and two bacon strips or sausage links.

You can choose your pancakes to be traditional buttermilk or cinnamon flavor as an accompaniment.

If you are feeling adventurous over breakfast, you can opt for the Double Berry & Banana pancakes or pancakes with bananas and salted caramel or pumpkin pie filling.

Denny’s has three branches in Dubai:

  • Festival Plaza

Address: First Floor – opposite Health Hub

Phone number: +971 50 831 8365

  • Al Ghurair Centre

Address: Al Rigga Rd – Deira

Phone number: +971 50 790 2480

  • Al Tayer Motors

Address: Al Manara – Sheikh Zayed Rd – opposite Times Square

Phone number: +971 50 831 8073

3. Pancake House

Dedicating a name and a big part of a restaurant menu to pancakes shows what this place is all about. But do not let the title keep you from trying other dishes since Pancake House also makes excellent waffles, among other things.

Do you like cheese, chocolate, blueberries, or walnuts? You can have any of these inside your pancake or on top.

The Pancake House pays attention to toppings but also focuses on adding tasty ingredients to the pancake batter, accentuating the flavorful profile while it cooks.

Pancake House also offers pasta, chicken, beef, and some seafood dishes. Yet, why would you want to order anything else when the menu tempts you with eight picture-perfect pancakes? 

Follow them on social media to keep informed about competitions where you can win meal vouchers and information on new menu items.

4. Sarabeth’s

In City Walk, you can quickly put a blindfold on, walk in any direction, and you’re bound to hit an array of bars, cafés, and restaurants.

The best place to get pancakes, however, is Sarabeth’s. Their fascinating story, starting in the late-1980s, and tasty pancakes to back it up makes them a great choice.

Their Legendary Spreadable Fruit is award-winning and an excellent accompaniment to their pancakes.

If you enjoy a tasty tango of sweet and savory, try the lemon and ricotta pancake with a special butter.

This dish starts with innocent pancakes but soon becomes something out of this world with the addition of Sarabeth’s Legendary Spreadable Fruit (jam) – your dish will be the envy of all!

However, do not be discouraged if you prefer sticking to the classic pancakes.

Served with fresh strawberries and the standard side of salted strawberry-raspberry butter, it leaves little doubt why people regard these as the best pancakes in Dubai.

At Sarabeth’s, you can dine indoors or outdoors but make a reservation ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment.

5. Holland House Mini Pancakes

Heaven is when mini pancakes meet Nutella, or that’s what most people would agree to! And it isn’t easy coming back to earth after you have had some of these.

Holland House isn’t just a fun name. Their headquarters is in the Netherlands (not in heaven, as you might have thought), and their goal is to share Holland’s famous treat, known as poffertjes, with the world.

These poffertjes might look slightly different than your traditional pancakes, but one bite and looks will be the last thing on your mind.

Holland House offers poffertje toppings that would both surprise and delight you, such as Nutella, white chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, cheese, strawberry, and even lotus.

If you are after something less traditional, they will sweeten the ten mini fluffy pancakes-deal with honey or even apple.

You can follow Holland House on social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram.

6. Comptoir 102

Healthy living is the philosophy behind the café Comptoir 102.

They pride themselves on using traditional techniques (pre-soaking, de-hydrating, etc.) during the preparation and processing stages and offer pancake options for those with dietary requirements.

Comptoir 102 is constantly praised for its comfortable, relaxed ambiance and tasty, organic food.

It is the natural pick if you are looking for great gluten-free or vegan meal options, which include pancakes. You will still enjoy their delicious offerings even if your diet doesn’t contain any restrictions.

Two of the best options are their buckwheat pancakes with eggs or fresh berries. The former is accompanied by homemade guacamole, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes—the latter with organic maple syrup.

Comptoir 102’s vegan options challenge your decisiveness with a choice of fresh mixed berries, bananas, or walnuts on gluten-free pancakes made with almond milk (a non-dairy, plant-based milk alternative), orange zest, and blossom and maple syrup.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Go try them out for a guilt-free experience.

7. Café Society

Assuming good food and efficient and friendly service are important considerations for deciding where to eat. Then, you will not be disappointed at Café Society.

Although this article focuses on places with amazing pancakes, it can’t hurt to be treated like royalty simultaneously. Café Society hits this sweet spot!

The pancake buzz is around two popular items on the menu: their blueberry and banana pancakes and their chocolate pancakes.

The first is a stack of three pancakes served with blueberries and bananas between each layer. This dish also comes with fresh berries and date syrup on the side.

If you enjoy chocolate, you can opt for a pancake stack with chocolate drops, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.

  • Address: Tamani Hotel Marina – King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St
  • Website: 
  • Contact number: +9714-318-3755

8. The Choco Monarch

As a chocolate lover, you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven in this concept café and chocolatery called The Choco Monarch.

The menu is stacked with pancakes, waffles, and crepes (thinner than traditional pancakes) – all covered in chocolate.

The classic choice is a stack of mini pancakes covered in their famous three kinds of melted chocolate with the option to have fresh fruit on top or not. And the cherry on the proverbial pancake is the chocolate they use: 100% pure Belgian chocolate.

If you keep company with chocolate enthusiasts but would like something less sweet, do not worry, they also accommodate those seeking something savory.

The best savory option at The Choco Monarch is their Streaky Egg Pancake which comes with a shredded egg omelet, tomato slices, mint leaves, and syrup.

9. Arrows & Sparrows

If you are keen to visit a place with a relaxed vibe to enjoy a variety of good food, great coffee, and delicious pancakes, head over to Arrows & Sparrows.

At this restaurant, you will experience a colorful space with bright plates of food and an all-around fun experience – even before you start eating.

What helped Arrows & Sparrows make the list of top pancake places in Dubai is they are a pet-friendly café that meets many people’s preferences.

You will do well to try their gluten-free banana pancakes with Nutella sauce, bananas, strawberries, toasted hazelnut, and a Ferrero Rocher. A combination very few can resist!


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