The 15 Best Portuguese Restaurants In Dubai (Authentic Taste)

Are you in the mood for Portuguese food while in Dubai?

Dubai offers many cuisines from around the world, so you’ll be happy to know that there are quite a few excellent Portuguese options to choose from.

Of course, you can grab takeout from your nearest Nando’s, of which there are plenty. But we’re more interested in the sit-down restaurants that offer Portuguese food in Dubai.

So, next time you’re craving Portuguese food while visiting the UAE, check out one of the places on this list. Here are some of the best Portuguese restaurants in Dubai.

1. Tasca by Jose Avillez Restaurant

Tasca (the Portuguese term for “tavern”) is José Avillez’s first global restaurant after the success of his Michelin-starred Belcanto and other acclaimed Portuguese establishments.

Tasca is a Portuguese restaurant on the sixth floor of the Mandarin Orient Hotel in Dubai. As you can imagine, the view from this hotel is breathtaking, with a 360° view of Dubai’s skyline and gulf.

The chef at Tasca, José Avillez, has a Michelin star and lets his Portuguese heritage shine through with his food.

Bringing you the finest Portuguese dishes that are freshly made and expertly prepared, chef Avillez ensures everyone can clearly see his love for Portuguese cuisine.

You will find delicious Portuguese food with authentic flavors and modern twists at Tasca.

There is also an impressive list of Portuguese wine and unique cocktails at Tasca. What’s more, there is an infinity bar where you can lounge about and enjoy one of the expertly made cocktails before enjoying your meal.

2. Da Gama

Da Gama is the perfect Portuguese restaurant to visit on a hot summer’s evening when you want to sit outside. This fine-dining restaurant brings the best food from Spain and Portugal to Dubai.

It guarantees a wonderful evening under the Dubai night sky. Da Gama ensures that only the freshest meat and seafood make it to the customer, so there’s no doubt you’ll have a fabulous evening.

In addition to the mouthwatering menu of Portuguese-style fish and meat, you can find an enticing selection of fine wine and desserts.

From Espetadas to Cataplana, you will find the perfect Portuguese dish at Da Gama. The Spanish flavors complement the Portuguese ones well, and you’ll surely find something you like on their menu.

3. Lana Lusa

Lana Lusa is the perfect Portuguese restaurant if you want to try a variety of food from their menu.

This restaurant is made for sharing and is ideal for large family groups and friends. You can get Portuguese breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner at Lana Lusa.

You can enjoy your meal inside while watching the chefs work in the open kitchen or take your meal outside on the terrace for some peace and quiet.

The extensive menu ensures you find something you love or find a few things to share around the table.

Lana Lusa also has live music every week. So be sure to check their website before going and make a booking so you can enjoy an even more magical evening in Dubai.

Lana Lusa also has a coffee bar where they serve various Portuguese pastries, making it the perfect breakfast stop.

4. The Rotisserie


The Rotisserie is one of the more relaxed dining options at The One & Only in Dubai.

The Rotisserie offers various European dishes, including Portuguese delicacies. All the food at the Rotisserie is freshly prepared using local and imported ingredients.

The setting at the Rotisserie is more relaxed, and the dress style is semi-formal. The Rotisserie is perfect for enjoying Portuguese food after a long day in Dubai.

Bring friends and family to the Rotisserie for a joyous occasion filled with delicious Portuguese food.

At the Rotisserie, you can choose to sit on the courtyard terrace, on the verandah, or inside. Wherever you are seated, the view is spectacular, and the atmosphere is relaxing and inviting.

The Rotisserie serves family lunch on weekends, where you can taste various expertly made Portuguese dishes simultaneously.  

5. Nattas Portuguese Restaurant

Nattas is a Portuguese Café and restaurant concept with multiple locations and some planned locations around Dubai.

Nattas offers some Portuguese food but is more famous for its delectable Portuguese desserts. The restaurant is also named after one of the most famous Portuguese desserts, the Pastel de Natta.

So, if you’re looking for some delicious Portuguese desserts and coffee, Nattas are the first place that should be on your list.

There are various locations around Dubai, but the one in Dubailand Area serves their pastries from a yellow tram, making it a more unique experience.

  • Address: Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Exit No. 37
  • Website: http://nattas.ae/prod/ 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 276 7007

6. Algarve, The Mediterranean Secret

Algarve, The Mediterranean Secret is another Portuguese restaurant in Dubai worth visiting.

Algarve means “the West,” the term given to Portugal when the Arabians first arrived there in 711. This restaurant shares authentic, freshly made Portuguese meals with all who visit.

They have tapas for sharing and a mouthwatering menu, including seafood, grills, and traditionally prepared vegetables.

If you’re looking for authentic Portuguese food in Dubai, look no further than Algarve. This is the perfect restaurant for a date night or family dinner.

You can also order food from Algarve and have it delivered to your home for a quiet evening and delicious Portuguese dishes. Try one of the chef’s signature dishes for two for a truly unique Portuguese experience.

7. Barcelos

If you’re looking for Portuguese food on a budget, look no further than Barcelos. This family-style restaurant serves various Portuguese dishes, along with other western food, like Burgers and fries.

In addition, Barcelos is more affordable than many other restaurants on this list, making it the perfect spot to bring the whole family. Barcelos has a comfortable atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and well-trained.

The food is delicious and freshly prepared, meaning you will undoubtedly walk away with a smile after dining at Barcelos. The Portuguese chicken and burgers come highly recommended.

You can also choose a platter or family meal that ensures you get a wider selection of menu items to share. In a truly Portuguese style, the portions at Barcelos are generous and perfect for sharing with friends and family.

  • Address: Al Sama Building, Sheik Zayed Road
  • Phone Number: +971 4 342 5440

8. Projeto Acai Silicon Oasis


Projeto Acai in Silicon Oasis is a health food restaurant and café that serves dishes inspired by various countries, including Portugal. Here, you can enjoy authentic Portuguese treats and dishes made with nutrition and health in mind.

Projeto Acai also draws inspiration from various South American and Mediterranean countries, bringing you to a new destination with every dish you order.

As the name suggests, Projeto Acai specializes in Acai bowls and other breakfast treats. But you can also find Portuguese-inspired lunch options at this café.

You can build your own Acai bowl and incorporate as many Portuguese flavors and inspirations as you like. There are three Projeto Acai locations in Dubai.

They are located in the Dubai Marina, Sheik Zayed Road, and Motor City. We’d recommend visiting them all before choosing your favorite.

9. La Casa Del Tango

La Casa Del Tango is a Latin American-inspired restaurant in the business district of Dubai. This restaurant brings food from all over South America and serves various Portuguese-inspired dishes.

La Casa Del Tango blends Latin American and Portuguese flavors to bring you something new and unique.

With a brunch and business lunch menu in addition to the regular menus, you can bring anyone to La Casa Del Tango for a guaranteed excellent time.

La Casa Del Tango specializes in grills and meat-based dishes, making it the perfect Portuguese and Latin American restaurant for meat lovers.

They also have a wide selection of starters and salads to order. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to eat good food and relax by visiting La Casa Del Tango.

  • Address: Unit 07, Gate Avenue, North Zone DIFC
  • Website: https://lcdtango.com/ 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 583 0412

10. Alma 560

Alma 560 is another excellent Portuguese café in Dubai. At Alma 560, you can get a delicious cup of coffee, breakfast, and sandwiches. Of course, there is no shortage of Portuguese pastries and desserts, including Pastel de Nattas at Alma 560.

Alma 560 is the perfect place to stop for your sweet Portuguese fix in Dubai. Whether you are coming for desserts, breakfasts, or light lunch meals, you will surely have a great time and satisfy your taste buds at this café.

Alma 560 is the perfect stop after a long morning shopping in the Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai.

  • Address: Shop 007, Building 5, FGB Metro Station, Gold & Diamond Park
  • Website: https://alma560.com/ 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 340 5060

12. Pepe’s Piri Piri

Pepe’s Piri Piri isn’t a restaurant but a takeout spot in Dubai’s motor city. However, don’t let this scare you away, as Pepe’s Piri Piri brings you delicious chicken and grilled meat with authentic Portuguese and Mexican flavors.

Pepe’s Piri Piri has chicken, pitas, platters, and kids’ meals to choose from. All their food is affordable and delicious. So, if you are in a hurry and need a Portuguese chicken meal on the go, Pepe’s Piri Piri is the perfect location for you.

13. Nandos Restaurant The Greens


The earliest Portuguese explorers set the ship for the East in quest of the fabled spice route, where Nando’s gets its name.

So, they came to the beaches and found the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, or PERi-PERi as it’s often called here. In the intervening years, Nando’s restaurants, sauces, and famed supermarket lines have become a worldwide phenomenon.

Each of their restaurants is individually decorated, yet they all share a warm, welcoming atmosphere thanks to the use of earthy textures and colors that call to mind the Afro-Portuguese heritage, as well as original, locally sourced South African artwork and thoughtful design details.

14. Taka Taka Restaurant & Cafe

Try a new dish from the Portuguese cuisine at Taka Taka Restaurant. Here, you may enjoy wonderfully grilled chicken, shrimp, and melt-in-your-mouth beef with your friends and family while having a good time.

This restaurant’s great reviews and high rating would not be feasible without its engaging, friendly personnel. Customers here unanimously agree that the service is outstanding, and the pricing at Taka Taka is extremely reasonable.

  • Cuisine: Portuguese
  • Location: 57J7+H5X
  • Trading Hours: (Sat-Thurs) from 01:00 pm to 02:00 am, (Fridays) from 02.30 pm to 02:00 am
  • Contact: +971528055523
  • Website: Taka-Taka Restaurant & Caffe | Facebook

15. Oporto Restaurant

Antonio brought a new, simple cooking style to Bondi Beach, characterized by bright, hot, and strong flavors like lemon, garlic, and chili.

Using the age-old Portuguese charcoal technique known as “Churrasco,” he prepared a delicious chicken dinner. Even though barbecuing was a popular pastime Down Under, this was a first.

Though Oporto eventually became a thriving metropolis, its birth was far from instantaneous.

The Bondi Beach lifeguards were among his first regulars, and they, together with the local surfers, were responsible for creating the Bondi Burger, which could be eaten with one hand while riding a wave.

Oporto is not fast cuisine; rather, it is a leisurely meal that is served quickly. Like Bondi Beach, the flame-grilled chicken and famous sauce would become instantly recognizable.


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