The 13 Best Breakfast Spots In Dubai to Indulge Yourself

There are many reasons why Dubai is one of the most iconic cities in the world. But most essentially, the food. As they say, breakfast is the best way to start the day.

Whether breakfast is the most substantial meal of the day is a topic on which people may not all agree on. But what can be said with certainty is that Dubai is where it’s at when it comes to the best breakfast one can eat.

1. Seva Table

This aptly named café is a little hidden breakfast spot in Dubai that will have you feeling like you’re in Bali.

You will undoubtedly adore everything, including the Tropical Coconut vehicle, Strawberry Lavender cake, Baja cauliflower tacos, Avocado toast, Green salad, and Healing soup.

The fact that the menu offered by Seva is gluten-free, plant-based, GMO-free, plastic-free, and animal cruelty-free makes it one of the best among vegans and those following a healthy lifestyle.

Kangen Water lovers will indeed flock to this breakfast spot.

You will love the food, setting, meals, and serene, upbeat atmosphere. This restaurant will provide a wonderfully divine experience, and you’ll be unable to wait to return to sample some new foods and take in the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

What makes Seva such a breakfast hit is that it resembles a lush paradise. This is an entirely vegan, mindful eating and well-being establishment. Seva serves everything that is meant to cleanse your body.

Even those that don’t like vegan food will be delightfully amazed and impressed when they try out Seva’s vast menu. Not only is the food outstanding, but so is the service.

However, be aware that they’re constantly quite busy and with good reason. This is undoubtedly a spot you’ll frequently frequent, especially if you are attempting to switch to a much-needed healthy eating plan.

Seva is for you if you are looking for diverse flavors, meal selections, natural aesthetics, and delectable food.

2. Sarabeth’s

If you haven’t yet visited this restaurant, it’s finally time to do so. This breakfast spot is raved about for a good reason. Although foodies have to wait several minutes to be seated, the breakfast is excellent and well worth the wait.

There is crunchy apple French toast, buttermilk pancakes, etc., to look forward to. Vegetarians also have plenty of yummy food options. The focaccia sandwich and the salads are among those that are outstanding.

Everything is guaranteed to hit the spot. The service is always prompt, incredibly polite, first-rate, and geared toward enhancing your breakfast experience.

Just the hospitality alone will definitely have you coming back for more. The excellent cuisine is a much appreciated added bonus.

They feature both indoor and outdoor seating areas, so you can choose to get some fresh air while you devour a tasty breakfast. Thankfully, reservations are not necessary.

Sarabeth’s has a beautiful ambiance and a spotless, light, and spacious space.

If you’re looking for breakfast that rocks your taste buds, go for Sarabeth’s because they are one of the best at breakfast meals, hands down.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a place where you can take a group of your friends to enjoy breakfast before heading out, look no further, as Sarabeth’s is an excellent spot for group dining.

3. Vibe Café

A hip breakfast spot called Vibe Café serves terrific, healthy food as well as positive energy. Regarding what constitutes healthy food, Vibe has been changing the game since it started in 2018.

Moreover, the food is everything but predictable. They have incredibly delicious smoothies and salads. Their salads will rank among the very best you have ever eaten.

The aesthetic of the restaurant as a whole is lively and engaging. The restaurant has a Miami theme running through it, with numerous palm trees and quirky bright pink neon lights.

Let’s put it this way: your Instagram followers will adore the interior’s vivid colors and distinctive designs.

Suppose you’re looking for a memorable breakfast dining experience. In that case, the best breakfast restaurant for that is Vibe. Many can say with certainty that everyone needs to go here at least once in their lives.

For those that are on a diet or are just simply watching their calories, Vibe is a terrific spot to eat some really healthy dishes.

If you enjoy quirky places, you’ll fall in love with Vibe. The names of every item on the menu are all pretty unique and amusing, letting you know that Vibe values attention to detail to make your experience one of a kind.

Although breakfast is what you should be hitting this spot up for, you can also go for dinner. The experience is worthwhile.

4. Pascal Tepper French Bakery

Because of its tasty, high-quality food and fantastic customer service, Pascal Tepper French Bakery has become a favorite breakfast spot for many.

This French restaurant is charming and serves excellent, healthy cuisine that is simply bursting with flavor. Furthermore, it is impossible to overlook the cook’s attentiveness to presentation.

Not only that, but their meals are wholesome and fresh. So much so that you’ll definitely be returning to get more. Pascal also features a salad bar where you may build your own salads from scratch using the ingredients of your choice.

It’s a fantastic restaurant for breakfast or coffee dates. This French bakery offers excellent service and ambiance for a casual dining establishment in Media City.

You won’t be let down by this restaurant, and all of your cravings will be satisfied. This may sound too good to be true, but I can guarantee you’ll want to search for the chef to thank him after you annihilate your breakfast.

You’ll be greeted promptly as soon as you enter the establishment and will be tended to at each stage to ensure your table is content.

  • Address: Four Points by Sheraton – Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 1
  • Website: 
  • Phone number: +971 56 414 2213

5. Brunch & Cake


This restaurant is insanely popular for not only its brunch but its breakfast too.

It isn’t surprising that this breakfast restaurant needs to be on your foodie radar, as it is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai. You know it’s bringing it when it comes to flavor because it hails from Barcelona.

Since it started operating in 2019, it has become one of the favored restaurants in Dubai, and with good reason. Brunch & Cake is simply Instagram heaven for those that enjoy posting pictures of where they dine.

It has a bohemian interior, with space that appears larger and airier due to the lovely pastel decor and high ceiling.  

Let’s not even get started with the food. You can expect many yummy, colorful, and exciting dishes. This is a beautiful restaurant, and the ambiance is lovely.

The atmosphere is simply alive, for lack of a better word. Both the food and the service are outstanding.

This is a must-try breakfast restaurant that you will undoubtedly revisit time and time. This spot has a stunning morning atmosphere, even on a sweltering summer day. I guarantee you will return in a heartbeat for their incredible eggs Benedict.

  • Address: Ground Floor, Wasl 51 – Al Wasl Rd – Jumeirah 1
  • Website: 
  • Phone number: +971 800 4726362

6. SanSation

SanSation is simply a hidden gem in Dubai’s Motor City. With a straightforward, air-conditioned seating area and a lake outlook, the restaurant has quite a lovely Greece and Nazar amulet accent.

Furthermore, they cater to both Shisha Smokers and Non-Shisha Smokers as the restaurant has two sections.

It is a restaurant that serves a wide range of cuisines, including pizza, mezze, dessert, and much more. Every dish served is delightfully, beautifully presented, and delicious.

The quantity offered is excellent, and the staff is welcoming, cordial, accommodating, and competent. The sooner you go, the sooner you can appreciate the setting, the atmosphere, and the Shisha.

Fear not when summer comes around, as SanSation sets up an air-conditioned tent to keep the guests comfortable as they indulge in breakfast, drinks, and Shisha.

Summer time calls for the avocado juice and peach iced tea. The interior is fascinating and Greek as it takes inspiration from the green island with its blue and white décor.

Furthermore, there is a body of stunning water in the green community. What’s better than delicious food and a stunning view? For people who love Instagram, this breakfast restaurant will give you all the material you need to snap away.

7. Comptoir 102

A boho chic theme store and a wholesome cafe are combined in the center of Jumeirah when it comes to Comptoir 102.

In-home shopping with a selection of clothing, furnishings, jewelry, and household items are what you can browse while waiting for your breakfast. The cafe and retail concept is simply brilliant.

The atmosphere is incredibly earthy, warm, and colorful. Comfy chairs are dispersed throughout the café that encourages one to have breakfast and chat with pals or you can sit by yourself and write.

At the same time, you relax, unwind and enjoy the good food. Not only are the menu options wonderful, but so is the atmosphere.

The interior is excellent and transports you to a tranquil paradise. It is a place where you can savor food and time.

Organic, gluten-free, and vegan food is served in this bohemian garden cafe setting. Fresh ingredients are used in the in-house creation of each dish.

If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can discover ethnic clothing, beautiful objects, organic food, and ample facilities all in one place, look no further than Comptoir.

This restaurant has French vibes, which is unsurprising considering it was founded by two Parisian friends.

8. Bounty Beets

Whether you visit this location alone, with friends, or with family, you will never regret it. Bounty offers a unique breakfast experience and can be considered a highly imaginative restaurant. Its pink interior and accents make it very picture-worthy.

The atmosphere is incredibly tranquil and gives you the impression that you are somewhere on an island. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, this breakfast restaurant also has a soul-regenerating atmosphere and wonderful meals.

The food quality and friendliness of the personnel will greatly amaze you as the staff is incredibly friendly and supportive. If you’re in the vicinity, this low-key, unpretentious place is definitely worth a visit.

The cuisine on the menu is excellent, fresh, and healthy in abundance, especially for celiac people. I guarantee you’ll end up chilling there on their stunning terrace for the rest of the morning once you have devoured their breakfast.

9. Mirzam

This is a real factory where chocolate is created, along with a store and a coffee shop. There are a few tables dotted about the brightly lit restaurant room. This is the spot to be if you have a sweet tooth and want some chocolate to go with your breakfast.

Mirzam offers many distinctively flavored chocolate bars created in the United Arab Emirates apart from breakfast foods like omelets.

Their chocolates are incredibly tasty, with favorites being the White Spanish Latte chocolate, Hot Chocolate Spiced and Sea Salt, and the Chocolate Truffle Brownie.

For chocolate lovers, Mirzam is a paradise. You’ll even be amazed to discover several sugar-free, very healthy chocolates. The staff is incredibly accommodating, pleasant, and helpful if you need assistance choosing chocolate or baked items.

  • Address: Al Ghurair Warehouse complex – 4th St – Al Quoz 3
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 333 5888

10. The Qasab Turkish Cuisine

Since it is a Turkish restaurant, you can be sure that the food is of the highest caliber. Everything about this restaurant, including the setting, the variety, the caliber of the food, the service, and especially the atmosphere, is excellent.

Once you dine at this Turkish restaurant, it will be your new favorite that you will frequent many times. The staff is pleasant, prompt, accommodating, positive, helpful, and efficient.

The atmosphere is wonderful since the musical fountain plays every half-hour, and if you’re lucky, you can get a great view of it while sitting outside in the front. Turkish food will become one of your favorite cuisines after having breakfast here.

Some favorites are the delectable Muhmara’s, lamb fries that are bound to be the greatest you’ve ever tasted in Dubai, the tender Iskandar kebab, and their hot, crunchy, special bread.

Additionally, many suggest the Adana kebab, which is well worth trying. You will undoubtedly return to Qasab as the cuisine is fantastic and very Turkish.

  • Address: Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Phone number: +971 4 583 1973

11. Nette

This breakfast restaurant provides a delightful Japanese-inspired breakfast. The cuisine is hearty, and the atmosphere is serene and elegant.

You’ll feel both physically and mentally nourished when you leave this restaurant. This is because the atmosphere is hugely Japanese garden and serene, far from the congested roads in the neighborhood.

How can you not be at peace when a tree is sprouting in the center of the space, enhancing the décor and mood? This is a hidden gem in Al Quoz’s Matcha Club.

The varied low-fi tracks Nette plays are worth a special mention since they add to the calm mood. The food is all tasty, nutritious, and served in generous portions.

You will also typically receive a breakdown of the components and calorie counts upon request. A crowd favorite breakfast meal is the miso oatmeal featuring a poached egg.

Since there are fewer fruits and syrups in savory oatmeal, the flavor must stand out, which it does by leaps and bounds in this case.

You’ll fall in love with the seasoning, texture, and, most importantly, marriage of the runny yolk and miso oatmeal.

Some other popular dishes to try are the Crispy Chicken sandwich, Asian Prawn and Avocado salad, Miso Braised Beef with a French Dip sandwich, and Japanese Breakfast Skillet coupled with Miso dressing.

Another must-try item at Nette is the French toast with matcha mascarpone and yuzu curd. Nette is a brand-new urban haven tucked away within Matcha Club. It’s a lovely place to unwind and savor some fine cuisine.

You may even have the honor of sampling the chef’s most recent dishes, which are typically a classic combination of French and Japanese flavors. The service is also courteous and efficient.

  • Address: 20 8 St – Al Quoz
  • Phone Number: +971 4 548 8369

12. Imperium – Jumeirah Zabeel


The first word that comes to mind regarding Imperium is opulence. This is because the surroundings and the inside are lavish. This restaurant offers a novel take on the morning buffet.

Jumeirah Zabeel has employed several strategies to guarantee your breakfast satisfaction, fullness, and happiness. The restaurant’s ambiance is exquisite, and it offers a fantastic international buffet.

Imperium does, however, have fewer options than other buffets in Dubai. Still, they make up for that by offering unique food items. Furthermore, although the food portions aren’t as big as most anticipate and are limited, everything you eat will still be excellent.

The cooks are all amiable, and the staff is helpful and well-informed about everything. They will go out of their way to ensure you have a wonderful and unforgettable breakfast by always being nearby and attentive to your needs.

Imperium is a stunning luxury restaurant with yummy, delicious authentic food that provides overall contentment.

There are many food areas, including one for the seafood grill, the steak and foie gras, the sashimi area, the deserts, cheese, salads, and hot food.

The cuisine is typically fresh. What makes this restaurant even more unique is its buffet with a French theme. It is fair to say that they have stayed true to the concept. You’ll find that each breakfast meal and dessert is superior to the others.

13. Dunes Cafe – Shangri-La

One of the more pleasing gastronomic offerings on the Sheikh Zayed strip is regarded to be the Dunes buffets and Friday brunches, which have gained quite a reputation for themselves, and with good reason.

Everything on the buffet is incredibly fresh, especially the seafood, like lobster, oysters, prawns, etc.

This restaurant’s breakfast is undoubtedly of the highest quality. Additionally, they offer a huge variety of hot foods and enough options to sate your appetite. However, the buffet is not too huge, so you can fully appreciate and taste everything.

The ramen and live cooking for grills are worth mentioning, which are both excellent. The soup stock is out of this world and has a wonderful flavor.

You can also go to the Japanese area for sushi and sashimi. Dunes offer a purely mouthwatering breakfast experience.

This restaurant’s Mantou bread with Singapore Chili Crab is just one dish that will bring the entire food experience to a brand new level. Definitely go to their Singaporean Food Festival.

This is where Shangri-La invites Singaporean Chefs to make some delectable Singaporean meals to include in the breakfast buffet.

You can expect beautifully prepared cuisine, an amazing spread, and amazing quality. What more could one desire in the early morning? The selection of honey they have will be especially to the taste of honey enthusiasts.

Furthermore, this restaurant has nice decor and ambiance. Good service and a relaxed yet professional ambiance make it ideal for business and social breakfasts.

Since it’s a component of a five-star hotel, you can rest assured that the overall quality is high.


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