The 22 Best Shops In Dubai Outlet Mall (Top Deals & Sales)

Aside from Dubai being one of the best tourist destinations, one of the reasons to visit the emirate is to shop until you drop!

The Dubai Outlet Mall is an outstanding option for shopaholics, with most of the 240 stores running sales almost continuously, massively discounting even sought-after brands.

Trading hours are from 10 am- 10 pm, closing at midnight on weekends. If you have limited time for retail therapy, here’s a cheat sheet to the best shops in the Dubai Outlet Mall to get the best bargains during your shopping spree.

1. Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi’s denim dates back to 1873, when it became the pioneer for our present-day jeans. Levi’s is the pinnacle brand of stylish, high-quality jeans, and at the Dubai Outlet Mall, you can purchase them at a fraction of the cost.

The store also stocks jackets, accessories, and casualwear. Discounts of up to 70% apply, and if you buy two items, you can get one free.

2. Diesel

Diesel is a store with a versatile range of clothing that caters to men, women, and children.

The store stocks everything from jeans to jackets, casualwear to professional attire, sneakers, and accessories. And everything in between! It’s a treat to shop for your entire trendy wardrobe in a single store.

Discounts also range between 40% – 70% off.

3. Guess

The Guess outlet in the Dubai Outlet Mall carries clothing for men, women, and kids. Guess redefined the jeans look and pioneered stonewashed and slim-fitting jeans. Their typical style represents a sexy, young, and adventurous lifestyle.

The Outlet Mall store offers 30% – 70% off some items. It also participates in the Bargain Monday promotions, where they highlight the best bargains in front of the stores.

4. Cole Haan

If you want to shop for high-quality leather bags, shoes, and accessories, Cole Haan is the shop to visit. The store sells handcrafted, sophisticated items using luxury materials, and items are not mass-produced; they’re unique.

Women love the gorgeous shoes and bangs they have on offer, and if nobody else has exactly the same item, they like it even better! They offer discounts of 30% – 70% on selected goods.

5. Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein Outlet allows male and female shoppers the privilege of buying elegant designer clothing for more reasonable prices. The store also has a vast Calvin Klein underwear range, a firm favorite with guys and girls.

The Calvin Klein Outlet in the Dubai Outlet Mall offers excellent discounts. You can spend 1000 AED and get a 25% extra discount. Buy for 750 AED and get an additional 20% off.

Get an additional 15% discount when you spend 500 AED. These deals on top of outlet prices make this store one of the best. Staff are also accommodating.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger sells classic high-end urban attire for all ages and genders. The brand has a typical, yet elegant American fashion look.

Shopping at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet shop has the benefit of lower prices, making upmarket style accessible to all.

Tommy Hilfiger has massive sales on their clothing, with 25% -50% off last season’s men’s and women’s ranges, and there are also huge online sales for all ages.

7. La Senza

We all know that girls love pretty underwear. Lots of guys appreciate it too!

La Senza is a lingerie shop in the Dubai Outlet Mall that sells fashionable and affordable bras, panties, and sleepwear. It makes the list of best shops because there is something for everyone.

La Senza caters to all body types, so whether you’re looking for underwear suitable for everyday use, or something sexy, you will find it in your size. The quality is good but cheaper than other upmarket lingerie ranges.

8. Puma

Every sports fanatic knows the Puma shop is a must when visiting the Dubai Outlet Mall, as Puma is renowned for producing high-quality athletic wear.

The store offers warm winter activewear and breezy summer options, ensuring you are suited for every season.

Even if you’re not sporty, their branded casualwear airbrushes your image to look cooler and more trendy. Outlet prices make this upmarket brand more affordable to the average Joe.

9. New Balance

The New Balance outlet is a shop aimed at runners and other sports people. New Balance offers running shoes for men, women, and kids and all kinds of sports apparel and accessories.

They have the best running shoes offered at a discount of 30% – 70%, which works out to a decent saving because decent running shoes are not cheap, and if you buy cheap brands, you will injure your feet.

Every runner knows that, regardless of how tight their budgets are, they must purchase new ones regularly. Fortunately, there’s an outlet store to help ease the pain.

10. Adidas Originals

The Adidas Originals outlet shop carries exclusive ranges of designer brands like Jeremy Scott, Stella McCartney, Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams, etc.

If you’re looking for street-style clothing, this shop is a must. It focuses more on everyday wear rather than professional sports apparel. Adidas is currently running a buy-one-get-one-free sale.

11. Adidas Performance

The Adidas Performance outlet in the Dubai Outlet Mall focuses on providing apparel, footwear, gear, and accessories for all athletic endeavors.

The products available at this store aim to enhance workouts using various scientific principles to create sports items that will ensure you can perform at your best. The Adidas Performance outlet also offers the buy-one-get-one-free special.

12. Adidas Factory Outlet

The Adidas Factory outlet is worth a visit if you enjoy exercise but don’t necessarily need professional athletic clothing and equipment.

Sports clothing and equipment can be terribly expensive, so buying it from an outlet store certainly makes it more affordable.

If you’re a football (soccer) fan, the Adidas Factory shop sells club jerseys like Chelsea, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich, and it won’t cost you a kidney to purchase one.

13. Nike

Just do it! Make the trip to the Nike shop, and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a fitness freak looking for top-of-the-range fitness gear, the Nike outlet should be your destination.

It also sells branded casualwear and sports equipment. The Nike store offers excellent value for money, and they also run a 30% – 60% off sale.

We all like to wear high-end brands sometimes but can’t always afford to show off a Nike shirt or trainers. The outlet shop can help with this problem.

14. Superdry

Superdry outlet is a store that sells epic winter items like jackets, hoodies, beanies, and other warm casualwear at reasonable prices. The style is a mixture of American vintage with British and Japanese inspiration.

The quality is high, and you can take advantage of the 30% – 70% discount to outfit yourself with excellent winterwear. Superdry caters to men, women, and kids.

15. Birkenstock

Imagine a whole shop dedicated to comfortable footwear, and each pair is made from premium renewable materials!

The German Birkenstock outlet in the Dubai Outlet Mall supplies a large variety of sandals that have come back into fashion because of their comfort.

The shop is a favorite because everyone finds comfortable sandals that suit their taste at a considerable discount.

These sandals are renowned for their unique footbed, which molds the shoe to create a similar comfort experienced when walking barefoot. The Birkenstock outlet offers 30% – 50% off.

16. Aldo

We all (especially the ladies) love sophisticated, fashionable shoes, which the Aldo outlet supplies. But what makes them a cut above the rest is their passion for people and commitment to society.

That may sound strange when rating shops, but if you’re a passionate believer in philanthropic causes, this shop will be a favorite.

Life is not just about material goods like shoes and clothing; enriching the lives of those around us while we buy the shoes we love makes the shopping experience far better.

In addition, you can enjoy great bundle offers, allowing you to buy more shoes and accessories than your budget usually allows. The company also focuses on growing its employees, resulting in excellent customer service.

17. Nine West

Another favorite footwear outlet in the Dubai Outlet Mall is Nine West. It sells women’s fashion footwear and accessories like handbags and purses.

Mom and her little princess can have a field day in this shop as they have a stunning range of little girls’ shoes too.

It’s a popular store, especially on weekends, because of its excellent prices. It also has fantastic offers, including buying two pairs of shoes for 229 AED, two handbags for 299 AED, and 30% off new collection handbags. What’s not to love?

18. Dune London

We’re still with the shoe shops, partly because we know everyone loves shoes and because there are so many exciting shoe shops in the Dubai Outlet Mall.

Dune London is no exception, selling sophisticated, high-quality footwear and accessories. It caters mainly to women but also has a smaller men’s and children’s range. Dune London also stocks a range of beautiful bridal shoes.

It’s a favorite on the “best shops list” because it makes high-end footwear affordable with its excellent promotions, discounts, and top customer service.

One of Dune’s best-loved deals is: buy 1 item for 249 AED and 2 for 349 AED, which applies to all stock on the sales floor.

19. Babyshop Outlet

You can’t forget your little angel while you’re on your shopping spree, so pop into the Babyshop Outlet. It’s a firm favorite with parents because they supply almost everything you may need for children from birth to age 16.

That includes fashion, toys, nursery furniture, baby basics, travel accessories, and home safety items.

You can shop for all your children’s needs under one roof, especially because you get value for money with 30% – 70% discounts.

  • Location: G02
  • Phone number: +971 52 647 0946

20. Montblanc

Montblanc is best known as a manufacturer of elegant writing instruments, but recently, the company has expanded its range to include fine jewelry, luxury leather items, watches, and stunning writing accessories.

Montblanc makes the list because of the sheer beauty of its products and because they offer these items at discounts of 30%-70%. Staff are also friendly and professional.

21. Sunglass Hut

In the bright Dubai sunlight, we all need a good pair of sunglasses, and at the Dubai Outlet Mall, Sunglass Hut is the place to go.

The outlet stocks designer eyewear from a host of high-end brands, so you will stay in vogue with your sunglasses.

They offer discounts of up to 80%! It’s the best thing when you own a pair of expensive sunglasses that weren’t expensive!

22. Swiss Watch House Outlet

While people don’t wear watches as much as before, an elegant timepiece still adds a final touch of class to an outfit.

The Swiss Watch House in the Dubai Outlet Mall stocks watches and accessories from some top brands while offering 30% – 70% discounts.


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