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The 9 Best Wafi Mall Restaurants (Food Court & More)  

The Wafi Mall, part of Wafi City, with its Pharaonic paintings and designs inside and outside the building, is a beautiful landmark in Dubai. People visit the mall not only for mall culture but also as a tourist attraction. Locals, expatriates, and tourists are fond of the spot, and everyone needs a good place to enjoy delicious food. Here are the best Wafi Mall restaurants to visit.  

1. Khan Murjan  

Khan Murjan is in the souk area of Wafi Mall that provides traditional Middle Eastern dishes presented in an airy marble courtyard. The stunning backdrop is ornate and mesmerizing. With the large open roof and fun live music, the Egyptian-style decoration will take your breath away.

There are plenty of food options for veg and non-veg eaters. The best way to go about ordering is by selecting starters and mains. Their falafel and kibbe are absolutely lip-smacking. The lamb chops are juicy, tender, and full of flavor, and I was delighted with the sugar cane drink – a favorite of mine!

They have excellent mixed grills, and the couscous royale was one of my favorite dishes. The food is fresh, tasty, and gives you value for your money. I love that you can enjoy a meal at Khan Murjan any time of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a little snack in the middle of the afternoon.

For dessert, the saffron cake is a delicacy to enjoy. The portion sizes are perfect, and the whole experience is simply outstanding. You can also enjoy shisha at Khan Murjan while you relish the food, drinks, and gorgeous architecture and design.

2. Kuliner Nusantara

Kuliner is an Indonesian restaurant at the grand Wafi Mall. While it is known for Indonesian cuisine, the restaurant has adopted a mixture of cuisines from Malaysia and Singapore to create unity and harmony among the three outer islands. They have even brought Thai and Kabayan food styles to offer the best flavor and authenticity to the East Asian region.

The staff is friendly, their portions are decent, and the prices are reasonable. They aim to make your tummy happy, and I can attest to that. The food is delectable. It is one of the best Indonesian restaurants in Dubai, with a wide variety on the menu.

The grilled chicken is fresh and delicious. I love the kwetiau goreng and bakso. In addition, other delicious dishes are the pempek, sup daging, and siomey. Kerapk is also tasty. For a restaurant in the food court, they offer items that would be delicacies and genuinely deserve a level of fine dining.

Many tourists love Kuliner to enjoy East Asian food in Dubai, and there are always complements for the food’s staff, price, and taste. They do not disappoint and are consistent with their quality. You will indeed find yourself back at Kuliner Nusantara for more!

3. Rose Café   

If you are looking for that perfect, Instagram-worthy coffee shop, but you also want a place that offers quality drinks, food, and desserts, then Rose Café is the place to visit. They have the best coffee I have probably tasted in my entire life – no exaggeration! My favorite thing was the fun prints on the coffee, which didn’t reduce the taste and flavor.

You will often find stunning venues with the most gorgeously presented food and drinks, but the taste is not up to standard. Rose Café offers the whole shebang. You get value for your money, and you will not be disappointed. The café is beautifully decorated, has a lovely ambiance, the staff is calm and attentive, and they play sports games to watch to enhance your experience.

Rose Café offers a variety of coffee. They also have a great range of food and sweet options like flavorful quesadillas, yummy shrimp, fresh salads, sweet crepes, and delectable desserts like Ferrero Roche mousse.

Rose Café also has refreshing drinks like juices that will tantalize your tastebuds if you want something on the cooler side. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, and the taste of their items – especially the coffee, will keep you coming back!

  • Address: First Floor, Food Court Area
  • Opening Hours: 9 am – 10 pm  
  • Phone Number: 055 877 3098  

4. Paul Bakery & Restaurant  

Paul Bakery & Restaurant – commonly labeled as Paul’s for fan favorites, is the best place for your favorite bakery items, soups, and coffee. They are a French cuisine dining bakery and restaurant with several branches around the city that is well-loved.  

The setup and atmosphere of the restaurant will give you all the French feels. Their staff is friendly, and the service and food deserve every praise. I have never gone wrong with a tasty French toast, and I have also tried every dessert on their counter, and not one disappointed me. If I am ever confused about where to eat, I find myself at Paul’s Bakery & Restaurant.  

Paul’s offers a wide range of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options. They never fail to deliver mouthwatering desserts to complete your meal there, and the place’s ambiance will give you all the French vibes. Their breakfast croissant with avocado is scrumptious. Their poached eggs are perfectly made, and their creamy, delicious coffee will have all your senses dancing for joy.  

Other favorites at Paul’s bakery in Wafi Mall are the hot chocolate before the morning grocery shopping bonanza, a tasty pasta for lunch, and soup and fresh bread for dinner. Their items are meticulously made, and you will never regret a coffee at any time or day.

5. Biella Café Pizzeria Ristorante  

Biella is the Italian restaurant you have always been looking for. If you want a more than decent Italian meal, Biella Café will give you everything you need. The staff is super helpful the service is quick and efficient. I love the seating available inside and outside, so you can enjoy a lovely outdoor ambiance in the cooler months.

The free starter bread is terrific. All Biella Cafe’s food is prepared with every detail kept in mind, and they serve it delicately without reducing portion sizes. They have been open for years, and their consistency has not been compromised. Each time I revisit the restaurant, I am amazed at how well prepared and tasty the food always turns out.

They have a variety of vegetarian options for those who don’t want meat. Their pizzas are so good. I love the thin base and soft cheesiness with immense flavor. Their ravioli Arabiata is flavorful, and their watermelon and strawberry mocktail is refreshing.

I tried the ribeye steak a few years back, and as I mentioned previously, their quality is consistent. The meat is always juicy and tender. The sauce has the perfect sweetness balance, and the meat falls off the bone. It is mouthwatering!

6. Elements Café  

Elements Café is an international and Arabic restaurant where you can enjoy every meal of the day, from breakfast to lunch, afternoon coffee, and dinner. It’s one of my favorite places to stop when I want something to nibble on with a fun shisha session.

Their shakshuka is the best I have tasted from any restaurant in Dubai that offers the dish. Every drink I have tried was tasty and refreshing. For lunch and dinner, their dynamite shrimp is always a winner. Whenever I am at Wafi Mall and don’t want to break my head choosing where to eat, I find myself at Elements Café without hesitation.

If you enjoy Middle Eastern food, you won’t be disappointed at Elements Café. They were closed for a while last year, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t fear they wouldn’t open up again. To my delight, they did, and with a bang! They came back with better quality than ever.

The snickers cheesecake is incredible. I also love the red velvet molten cake, and the pistachio flavor molten stole my heart. The Turkish coffee is lovely alongside a shisha, and everything on their menu is fresh and delightful. The outdoor seating with the view of the pyramid building is fabulous!

  • Address: First Floor, Food Court Area
  • Opening Hours: 8 am – 2 am  
  • Website:  
  • Phone Number: 04 324 4252  

7. Khana Khazana  

Khana Khazana is an Indian restaurant that offers North Indian cuisine. It has authentic Indian-tasting food without alterations. I love going to Khana Khazana when I want to be transported back to my travels to India and reminisce all the delightful dishes I tasted on my trip around the region.

They have vegetarian and nonveg options, which I love, especially during my food choice changes and diet phases. The food is affordable, and the portions are reasonable. I have been through the menu extensively as I love trying new dishes, and every single item blows my mind and lights up my taste buds.

The tea tastes precisely like Indian street chai. It is absolutely delicious and the kind that fills your heart with warmth and happiness. Some of my favorites on the menu are the chole bhatura and pav bhaji. I love the chaat options, and pani puri is always my first choice. They also have combo options and Indian desserts like Gulab jamun and ras malai.

8. Wafi Gourmet  

Wafi Gourmet is a Lebanese restaurant and has earned its reputation as Dubai’s top restaurant in its cuisine category. They offer pure, authentic food originating from Lebanese products. They are particular about quality, appearance, and flavor.

The terrace garden is fabulous and perfect for the cooler months. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a filling brunch or delicious dinner. The food is excellent, from the freshly made hummus, tabbouleh, and pitta bread to the mixed grill and grill prawns. Every dish I have tasted was incredible and cooked to perfection.

Their mixed salad was refreshing, and the chicken was tender and flavorful. The kofta and lamb cubes are juicy and have a balance of flavor. The kitchen takes its time to prepare fantastic food and serve it with elegance. The staff are helpful and always striving to satisfy your requests.

The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance and is one of the best places to relax with a delectable dessert like their delicious kunafa and crispy, sweet baklava. The shawarma is excellent, and I always order one for takeaway to have for lunch the next day. It tastes as good as fresh since it holds up well, and the flavors combine further.

9. Wok’ n Soup  

If you want a fast-food restaurant at Wafi Mall, my first recommendation will always be Wok’ n Soup. They have delicious Asian cuisine. They also make the food fresh as you order it. The portions are generous, and you get value for your money with their quality.

If you are at Wok’ n Soup on your next visit to Wafi Mall, try the seafood tom yum soup and chicken lemongrass and basil stir fry. The noodles are full of flavor, and there is so much authenticity in the taste. They never compromise on spicing and overall quality.

The dining area is family-friendly, and their service system (alarm device for ready orders) is fabulous. It’s always a pleasure to dine at efficient places that provide incredible food that will have you drooling for more and returning time and time again.


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