Dubai In February: The Perfect Time to Visit?

Dubai is the ultimate holiday destination, but with the crazy hot desert weather and increasing crowds, it can be confusing to know which time of the year to book your holiday.

The winter months, like February, are generally favored for Dubai, but it is also peak tourist season, so you might be wondering if you will enjoy your vacation.

February is the perfect time to visit Dubai. It is the end of winter, and the weather is pleasant to enjoy touristy outdoor activities. All the seasonal spots are open, and the shopping and food festivals are available.

February is also a great time for the beach and waterparks in Dubai.

If you ask someone when you should go to Dubai, they will tell you to visit the city between December and February to get the best experience.

February in Dubai is the answer if you want t o catch the fun winter season activities and beat the desert heat.

Can You Visit Dubai In February?

If you want to visit Dubai, the best months are between October and April – December to February being ideal.

February is the perfect month because the weather is cool with some warmth entering, so you can still enjoy all of the water activities without getting cold too quickly or falling ill on your vacation.

February falls in the winter months of Dubai and Is part of the peak tourist seasons in the city.

During the summer months, many places are closed because the heat is unbearable and if you want a complete experience of Dubai, visiting between December to February is ideal.

February is even better than December and January because the year-end and new year can get pretty chilly, especially during the early mornings and evenings.

It’s not an extreme cold that you can’t still enjoy, but your time at water parks and beaches can be limited due to the windy evenings. By February, the cold is mostly saying goodbye.

Dubai In February: What To Do?

There are unlimited things available to do in Dubai during February. It is my personal favorite time of the year in Dubai. Each year I look forward to all the fun things I can experience during the month.

In the following list, you can look at some of the best things Dubai offers in February:

Global Village is Dubai’s outdoor shopping, food, cultural, and entertainment project and is only open from late October to early April. It is a must-visit place for all and is available to enjoy during February.

Expo City was created to maintain the foundation and heritage of the World Expo and became a mini-city that offers education, food, entertainment, business, and shopping.

February is the perfect time for it because, as a carless city, it would be impossible to walk in the summer months.

Dubai Food and Shopping Festival is held between the main winter months at major malls, camps, and parks. You can enjoy the best foods and shop for some incredible sales.

Water Parks like Wild Wadi and Atlantis Aquaventure are amazing in February because it’s not as cold as December and January, but not too hot like in the summer.  

Beaches and Pools are the most fun to enjoy during February because, like with the waterparks, it isn’t as cold and windy as the prior months and hot enough to enjoy the water and sun.

Dubai Souks are available all year round, but many require you to walk outdoors. Vendors know that during December and January, many tourists are visiting and can put their prices up.

Even though it is still peak time, things start to slow down in February, so you can get better bargains.  

Dubai Parks are some of the most incredible places to visit but, again, impossible during the summer. February offers pleasant weather to enjoy all the activities Dubai Parks offers. Dubai Miracle Garden and Winter Garden are a must-visit in February.

Is Dubai Crowded In February?

February is part of the tourist season in Dubai. In addition, many residents are out and about trying to make the most of outdoor activities before the desert summer hibernation. You will find entertainment and food places pretty crowded.  

If you plan to visit Dubai in February, I recommend you take the time to book hotels, restaurants, and entertainment entrances ahead of time. You can get discounts and beat long queues by booking online.

If you have friends and family in Dubai, you could also ask them to book your passes before you get there to make it easier once you arrive.

If you use public transport, you might find the Dubai metro and tram incredibly crowded, especially at night and over weekends when people want to enjoy the outdoors.

Is February Cold In Dubai?

February in Dubai is winter, so it gets cold, with temperatures ranging from 60-75° with strong winds. As a resident, I get cold more quickly than tourists because my body has adapted to the winter here.

People coming from abroad don’t get cold as quickly and rarely need a jacket because they still find it relatively hot compared to the winters in other countries.

You probably won’t get as cold as residents do in Dubai if you come from a place where winter temperatures get super low.

The nights in Dubai can get slightly chilly with the wind, especially if you are in the open desert – then you will likely need a warm jacket. A light sweater should suffice otherwise.

Which Months Should You Avoid Dubai?

If you want to avoid the roasting summer, possibly bathing in your sweat, and getting a heat stroke, you want to avoid visiting Dubai during the summer months. April to September is extremely hot and impossible to be outside.

All the fun outdoor festivals like Global Village are closed, and you can’t manage to be at them with the sun draining the life out of you anyway.

March, October, and November are still hot months, but it will be manageable if you plan a Dubai beach holiday or want to do only indoor activities.

You will get hot and sweaty when moving between places, like from the car to inside the mall, for example, but it is bearable if you can handle it.


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