Dubai In June: Is It A Good Time To Visit? Complete Guide

Many countries worldwide have summer holidays during June, making it the perfect time to travel abroad.

Dubai is on most people’s list of places to visit; however, being a desert, the climate is sweltering. If you plan a trip to Dubai in June, you are probably wondering if it is a good time to visit the city.

Dubai is thrilling at any time of the year, including June. It is desert summer in June, and the climate can be scorching.

You may have to avoid certain outdoor activities to prevent a heat stroke, but you can enjoy all the city’s indoor entertainment and sightseeing.

While you can vacation in Dubai at any time of the year and still have a good time, the weather in June is something you want to reconsider before finalizing your trip. The city has pros and cons in June; you can read more about it below.

Is June A Good Time For A Trip To Dubai?

Whenever someone asks me when a good time is to visit Dubai, my answer is always any time of the year!

Dubai is exciting and includes enthralling entertainment year-round. You can never get bored in Dubai; no time is enough to do everything the city offers.

Unlike many holiday destinations, you can never truly get enough of Dubai because there is always something new and more attractive to experience. The options are endless throughout the year, from food and shopping to site-seeing.

All indoor places have air conditioning, so you never feel the heat inside malls and other buildings.

June is hot, and you may be limited to specific outdoor activities because being outside can feel unbearable, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying indoor ventures.

Stepping outside away from the air conditioning can be draining, so you want to ensure you have enough cold water, sunscreen, and a hat to keep your skin safe and prevent heat stroke.

Things To Do In Dubai In June

As mentioned, there are many things to do in June on a trip to Dubai. You don’t have to scrap your summer holiday entirely because some of the main tourist attractions in Dubai are based indoors. Here are some examples:

Indoor Site-Seeing

You can visit attractions like the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Frame, Ain Dubai (Largest Ferris Wheel), The Museum of the Future, Muhammed Bin Rashid Library, Skyview Observatory, and more.

They are all indoor sites with enthralling views and experiences to visit during June in Dubai.

Indoor Parks

You might have to avoid outdoor parks, but you can check out indoor ones like Motiongate, Bounce, Tepfactor Dubai, Legoland, VR Park, Oli Oli, Bollywood Parks, Green Planet, etc.

For air-conditioned entertainment. Most of the malls in Dubai have several indoor activities for adults and kids to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Shopping Malls

The shopping malls in Dubai are incredible. You can shop, dine, and enjoy fun activities from the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates to Ibn Battuta and the most recent Dubai Hills Mall.

You can also book a movie at the cinema or simply walk around and get your Instagram pictures with stunning backdrops and interior designs.

Food And Dining 

Food is a significant part of Dubai’s experience. There are cuisines from around the world and several chain food outlets.

You may not be able to enjoy the outdoor and terrace dining, but you can still relish the delicious foods. Many restaurants and cafes offer shisha, another way to get an Arab “chill session” experience with snacks and drinks.

Desert Safari

The desert safari is available all year round, and you can’t experience Dubai without doing a desert safari.

It would be hot during the day, but you can book an evening slot with the complete package to dine in the safari camp and watch the entertainment.

It runs till late at night, and the open desert is much cooler and slightly chilly during the night, so an excellent option to take advantage of in June.

Cons Of Visiting Dubai In June

With so many things to do in June, here are some cons of being in Dubai during June:

The Weather is Draining 

June in Dubai is scorching. It is summer in the desert, and temperatures vary between 35-45 degrees Celsius. Towards the end of June, you could experience even hotter temperatures.

Everything indoors is air-conditioned, but walking from a building to the car and vice versa can have you drenched in sweat within seconds.

Limited Outdoor Activities

Some of the most exciting activities, like the water parks, pools, beaches, and water sports, are too hot to experience. It is possible, but you probably want to avoid it because it is not as enjoyable.

You may get dehydrated and ill and cause major sun damage to your skin. Some rides at parks might even be closed, so you don’t get the complete experience of each place.

Kids’ playparks and other outdoor resorts are also too hot to attend. Many shops, food outlets, and entertainment is closed during the day. If you have limited time in Dubai, you could miss out on several fun experiences during June.

Seasonal Entertainment is Closed or too Hot to Visit

Some seasonal places like Global Village are only open during the cooler months.

Certain activities for adrenaline fanatics like zip lines are closed, and you won’t be able to enjoy them. Winter-time food and shopping festivals are also only available in the cooler months.

Is Dubai Cheap To Visit In June?

June is the summer holiday for Dubai, and because many residents leave the summer in Dubai to travel to their home countries or cooler countries, many places are much less crowded.

Few tourists visit Dubai in June because of the climate conditions, so it isn’t a prime time for the economy with tourism or entertainment.

That means you can enjoy Dubai much cheaper than you would during its cooler months. You can find several discounts on major site-seeing spots and book packages at most places.

They tend to reduce their prices and provide offers to get feet in the door and keep the business running.

I have learned to make the most of outdoor experiences during the cooler months and wait for the summer offers to book the pricier indoor activities. That way, I can do everything I want while saving money!


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