Dubai Number Plate Meanings

What Is The Meaning Of Dubai Number Plates?

Dubai has been dubbed the playground of the rich and famous, and not without reason. This tax haven is brimming with exceptionally wealthy individuals, and a great emphasis is placed on social status and wealth. This is displayed in various ways, albeit in some unusual ones.

While there is no inherent “meaning” behind Dubai number plates as they employ a simple numbering system, Emiratis will pay enormous amounts of money for a number plate with fewer digits. The fewer digits a number plate has, the more wealth or higher social status an individual has.

And though it may seem like a meaningless gimmick to some, the number of digits on your Dubai number plate says a great deal about where you stand in society in terms of wealth, rank, and social status. Having a “special” number plate may give you access to certain facilities reserved for only the wealthiest Emiratis.

What Is The Meaning Behind Dubai Number Plates?

Number Plate Meanings Dubai

In a city with such enormous wealth, there is a great deal of emphasis on status amongst residents. Expensive cars, lavish homes, and designer clothing pieces are just some of the items used to display wealth in Dubai. Your influence, social status, and ability to gain the respect of others are determined to a large degree by your possessions and how you display them.

When so many people in Dubai have extremely expensive cars, it can become difficult to differentiate the wealthy from the super-wealthy. As a result, number plates became the next step in showing off your wealth as well as your political rank and familial association.

As a general rule, the fewer the digits on a number plate, the wealthier and more powerful the owner. The number of digits on your number plate can also indicate your rank in political circles. Only the wealthiest and most powerful individuals can afford the most expensive number plates, such as those with only one digit.

Rumor has it that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has the number 1 number plate, naturally the most valuable and prized. Nobody else would be able to obtain this number plate without receiving it from the Sheikh as a gift.

Because numberplates with fewer – and lower – digits are seen as status symbols, they are an exceptionally desirable commodity. These number plates are seen as an investment that can later be resold at a significantly higher price.

As the demand for special number plates increases, so does the scarcity and, therefore, the price. You can apply for a Dubai driver’s license or a vehicle license on the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority website.

Format of Dubai Number Plates

Number Plate Dubai Formats

Throughout the UAE, each emirate has its own unique plate design and numbering system. Dubai’s license plates have one or two letters, from A to AA, on a white plate with the word Dubai adjacent.

A combination of numbers, up to five digits long, accompanies the letter and the word “Dubai.” An ordinary number plate with four or five digits will generally have no special association unless there is a unique or uniform combination of numbers.

For example, a number plate with four of the same number “1111” or a combination like “6363” would be highly desirable.

Any number plate with three digits or lower, or a uniform set of numbers like those shown above, will immediately show those in your surroundings that you are a wealthy, powerful individual.

At lavish establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and so forth, having one of these special number plates will immediately grant you special treatment by the staff.

In a place where your access to certain establishments is purely determined by your wealth, an expensive number plate can grant you access to the most exclusive spots. Fewer digits on your license plate directly translate to more money in your bank account, especially because these number plates generally cost more than the vehicles to which they are attached.

If your license plate has three digits, it would generally mean that you are an exceptionally wealthy CEO. These number plates can often fetch prices in the six-figure range.

A license plate with 2 digits indicates that you are an extremely important person with substantial wealth. These plates can easily cost a few million Dirhams, far exceeding the price of the car to which they are attached multiple times over.

Any license with a single digit will be sure to turn heads and have people lining up to serve you in any establishment.

A number 1 plate is valued at around AED 50 million. Other single-digit license plates will fetch prices from AED 10 million and upwards.

Changes In Number Plate Systems

Dubai Number Plate Changes

Over the years, the Dubai license plate system has undergone several changes. A new system was adopted in 2004 that employed letters in combination with numbers. This would ensure that there would be no shortage of license plate numbers for at least 30 years.

Colors were introduced at first, with the first hundred thousand plates released in white, the next hundred thousand in orange, and the following hundred thousand in red. This initiative failed, as the colored license plates quickly faded in the hot weather, and the system limited the possibilities for coding.

The color scheme was abandoned, and later came the logo of the Burj Al Arab that was incorporated into the license plate design. Residents were not happy with this license plate, and it too was abandoned before the plates as we know them today became commonplace.

Most Noble Number Auctions and Purchases

Most Noble Number Plates Dubai

In 2022, Abu Sabah, a wealthy businessman in Dubai, paid a whopping $9 million (AED 33 million) for a number 5 plate with the letter D. This purchase allegedly occurred after he tried to gain access to a hotel and was denied.

Apparently, hotel staff denied him access because while he had a “nice car,” he did not have a “nice enough” license plate to enter the hotel.

Another businessman in Abu Dhabi, Ahmed Al Mazroui, bought a number 2 license plate for AED 10 million. All the proceeds from this license plate auction went to charity. He bought the plate for its significance to the UAE – the United Arab Emirates Union was officially created on December 2nd.

And in April 2023, an anonymous bidder paid an impressive $15 million (55 million dirhams) for the much-coveted P 7 license plate at the “Most Noble Number” charity auction in Dubai. All proceeds from the auction went to the 1 Billion Meals Endowment fund, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s international food aid initiative.

The “1 Billion Meals Endowment” campaign begins on the first day of Ramadan every year, and anyone can contribute to the fund. The campaign ends when the fund has received AED 1 billion, whether from the auction, private or public donations, or other initiatives to raise finds and awareness.

The “Most Noble Number” plates used to raise awareness also include empty number plates, symbolizing the 1 million empty dinner plates the endowment aims to help.


As with many day-to-day items in Dubai, number plates are used as a status symbol for the wealthy to exhibit their social status and financial standing. Emiratis will gladly spend millions of Dirhams to purchase “special” or unique number plates. The possession of such a status symbol may grant you access to certain lavish establishments.


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