Cost of a Trip to Dubai

How Much Does A Dubai Trip Cost? (Ideal Budget to Visit)

If Dubai isn’t on your bucket list, you are missing out. Dubai has many attractions and interesting sights to offer. In addition, Dubai is a stopover for many other flights, meaning you can spend a few days in Dubai while traveling to another place. However, is it expensive to visit Dubai? How much does a trip to Dubai cost?

The precise amount of money you will need for a trip to Dubai mainly depends on your lifestyle and spending habits. However, the average cash required for a day in Dubai is between $123 and $327 US dollars per person. You can visit Dubai for a lot cheaper, and there are various ways to save money in Dubai.

The hotels you stay in, restaurants you dine at, and transport you use significantly influence the daily allowance you will need when planning a trip to Dubai. This article breaks down the average costs per person per day when visiting Dubai. We will also share some tips for saving money when on a Dubai trip and how long a trip is needed for Dubai.

How Much To Budget For A Trip To Dubai?

Visit Dubai on Budget

Dubai isn’t a cheap place to visit, but it also doesn’t have to cost a fortune. How much you need for a trip to Dubai depends on your spending habits and what you would like to do in Dubai. There are certain areas in your trip where you can save money, while other expenses are hard to avoid.

Most travel agencies offer six nights and seven days trip to Dubai. While it would be great to visit Dubai for a week, you can easily explore the entire city in three or four days, depending on what you would like to do. So, let’s consider the things you will need when going on a trip to Dubai and how much that will cost you.

Visa And Documentation Costs For Dubai

Visa Documentation Costs Dubai

As an American citizen, you don’t have to apply for a Dubai visa ahead of time. Instead, you can simply apply for a thirty-day tourist visa once you arrive in Dubai. This visa is free of charge and will provide you with plenty of time to explore the city.

Visa requirements for entry to the UAE for visitors from other countries can be calculated here.

Flight Tickets To Dubai

Flight Tickets to Dubai

Although Dubai is one of the busiest airports globally, it is still quite expensive to fly to Dubai. The average price for an economy seat plane ticket from North America to Dubai is about $900. However, the airfare can vary significantly depending on when you fly, which airline you use, and what type of ticket you purchase.

One thing to note is that Emirates offers a free stopover for its passengers. Therefore, if you are using Emirates to fly from the USA to another country, you can do a stopover in Dubai. You can also stopover in Dubai for a few days and have a short Dubai holiday before flying to your next destination.

Accommodation Costs In Dubai

Accommodation Costs Dubai

Dubai has many types of accommodation to offer, and the price of your accommodation varies greatly. Of course, the cheapest place to stay in Dubai is a hotel. The average hotel will cost about $150 per night. Fortunately, you can easily live in a more affordable area of Dubai and then pay a lot less for your accommodation.

While there are districts in Dubai that are more popular than others, you can easily travel from one side of Dubai to the other in a short time. Therefore, you can live just about anywhere in Dubai without feeling like you are on the city’s outskirts. This means that you can opt for a nicer hotel in a less popular tourist area for a lower price than in the tourist centers of Dubai.

While a hotel is the cheapest option for a solo traveler or a couple, families might consider staying in an apartment. This will be cheaper if you are four people or more and don’t mind sharing your space with the other guests.

Food Prices In Dubai

Street Food Costs Dubai

Again, when talking about food, the amount of money you should budget depends on where you intend to eat. While you can get highly affordable street food in Dubai, most restaurants are a bit more expensive. You can also eat at high-end restaurants, which will cost even more money.

The average person will spend about $60 per day on food. While this is not the cheapest, you can get more affordable food at the street markets or takeaways. There are many western chain food stores in Dubai, but these cost about 30% more than they do in your home country.

If you intend to drink alcohol while in Dubai, your food bill can easily double. Alcohol is prohibited in certain areas in Dubai and is therefore really expensive where it is available. Note that you may also choose to drink bottled water. Dubai’s tap water is desalinated ocean water. While it is safe to drink, many people prefer to drink bottled water.

Transport Costs In Dubai

Dubai Metro Transport Costs

Dubai has an excellent public transport system, consisting of two metro lines. As a foreigner, you will buy red-line tickets. Unfortunately, you cannot pay cash for the metro and need to use a reloadable metro card. The red line takes you anywhere in Dubai.

The price is calculated based on the number of zones you travel through. For example, if you’re traveling through one zone, you will pay 4 dirhams. Traveling through two zones costs 6 dirhams, and so forth. Traveling by metro is by far the cheapest way to travel in Dubai. However, it does take some time and will require you to do some walking.

If you don’t want to use the metro system, Dubai also has many taxis and private transport vehicles available. These are more expensive than taking the metro, and using a taxi for transport will cost about $40 per day.

Entertainment Costs In Dubai

Family Entertainment Costs Dubai

Entertainment and sightseeing can cost quite a bit in Dubai. While there are some free and inexpensive sights to visit in Dubai, the most famous ones, such as the Burj Khalifa, can cost as much as $168. However, this is an expense you cannot really avoid, as you want to see Dubai’s most famous sights.

You can take self-guided tours and visit the beaches of Dubai free of charge. A private tour will cost about $50. A boat ride across Dubai Creek will cost about 30 cents. Although entertainment and sightseeing will cost you some money in Dubai, it is undoubtedly worth the expense.

Other Costs In Dubai

Medical Emergency Costs Dubai

Don’t forget to budget for other costs and expenses when visiting Dubai. These costs can include spa treatments, souvenirs, and random spending at one of the huge malls in Dubai. Although you can limit your spontaneous spending when visiting Dubai, you should prepare a certain amount of money for random spending.

$200 should be sufficient for a week’s trip to Dubai. However, this once again depends on your spending habits. Also, allocate some money towards medicine or medical treatment in case of emergency.


When planning a trip to Dubai, you must plan for various expenses. Airfare, accommodation, food, transport, and entertainment are some expenses you need to prepare for when going to Dubai. In addition, set some funds aside for random spending and impulse spending.

We have discussed some tips for doing a Dubai trip more affordably, such as staying in a cheaper hotel and using the metro system rather than taxis. How much you need per day in Dubai depends on your personal preferences and spending habits.


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