Why Is Dubai So Popular

Why Is Dubai So Popular for Tourists and Expats?

The media is filled with praises of Dubai, whether it’s the latest Instagram reel, trendiest TikTok, or recent Facebook post; Dubai is at the top of the list. Everyone is talking about Dubai. It’s the number one tourist destination and the first option for moving abroad. Do you ever wonder why Dubai is so popular?

Dubai is popular for its luxury lifestyle, nightlife, skyscrapers, and fun attractions and is a shoppers’ paradise. It offers traditional and modern aspects with its historical features and cosmopolitan attitude. It is home to nationalities from around the globe and still maintains Arab culture.

It’s not only the high-rise buildings and exciting nightlife that makes Dubai so famous, but several aspects add to the favorable city and enjoyment from tourists and those residing in the Emirate. Let’s discuss that further.

What Makes Dubai Popular?

popularity of dubai

There are several reasons for Dubai’s fame and popularity. Here are some of the most common factors:


Dubai is literally known as the city of Gold. It is the best place to get affordable gold and diamond jewelry.

The selection will leave you exhausted, and it is so much so that one of the markets is named the ‘Gold Souk,’ where you can get the complete shopping experience for gold jewelry and other items.


It’s no secret that the city’s stunning infrastructure and architecture have made waves worldwide. The tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, resides in Dubai, and taking a drive through the city will leave you mesmerized by the unique, fancy buildings and glossy glass finishes that capture night lights.


nightlife in dubai

For many people, especially the young and single, Dubai’s nightlife is what pulls them in. Everything is open till the early parts of the morning (especially in the hot summers), and it’s always alluring and happening.

The night remains young, from shisha lounges to hip clubs, food trucks to high-end restaurants, and busy streets to full malls.

Attraction Sights

You can visit the dancing fountains, the largest indoor aquarium, a garden filled with massive flower statues, exciting theme parks, or an indoor skiing experience; you can never run out of things to do.

The best, the longest, fastest, and tallest will always be in Dubai’s media headlines. There are the most interesting, beautiful, interactive, and relaxing activities to see and do.


No matter how modern or fast-paced Dubai becomes, you will always find highlights of history and culture in buildings, people, food, and attractions. The Arab culture is rich and prominent, but there is so much connection to other nations to create unity.

How Did Dubai Get Its Fame?

Apart from the aforementioned factors, several other aspects make Dubai so favorable. Let’s look at those reasons:

Shoppers Paradise

Dubai is the ultimate destination for shopaholics. The variety available in Dubai is like no other. There are souks, malls filled with high-end stores, affordable options, and online shops. There is something for the young and old with everything you can possibly find.


hotels in dubai

Dubai houses some of the best, most luxurious, grandest, five-star hotels across the globe. There is an option for every budget, style, and requirement, from catered to self-catered apartments. The location choices with stunning views help its cause, and the myriad of hotels is what brings old and new tourists back all the time.


Safety in Dubai is one of the best and most fundamental reasons people choose Dubai as a travel destination and residential option. Ask any expatriate in the city; they will tell you that safety is the number one reason for staying in Dubai.

There is so much comfort in feeling like you will not be attacked, and your belongings will not be stolen – from young to old, especially women.


Many times, the popularity of something is because of the way it is shown in media. Dubai is highly hyped about news mediums and social media. From Instagram reels to the most shared Facebook post, it is all about the Dubai craze.


Dubai’s fame also majorly comes from people’s perception of the city. The riches, lifestyle, and expensive cars shown in Dubai make it seem like everyone is wealthy and living an easy life (highly untrue).

That narrative gets pushed forward, making it the topic of discussion between people and the chosen caption for every post.

What Do People Love About Dubai?

After all the reasons mentioned above for why Dubai is so famous, you might think there is nothing more anyone can say about the city. You will be surprised at how many more reasons can be listed for why people are obsessed with Dubai. Here is a list:

Food Haven

Thinking about the food in Dubai gets me drooling! The population is filled with various cultures, and the food options cater to all. Whether you are looking for Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, American, Pakistani, Japanese, Mexican, Persian, or African food, the choices are endless. You can experience worldwide cuisine in Dubai, and everything is delicious!


There are more than 200 nationalities that call Dubai their home. Most workers in the Emirate are expatriates, and it is highly cosmopolitan. The rich diversity attracts love in most people’s hearts, and the Arab culture stands prominently, creating a sense of stability and understanding to connect all people.


World Expo in dubai

World Expo 2020: one of the more recent reasons Dubai’s fame has grown is hosting the World Expo 2020, which ran from October 2021 to March 2022 after getting delayed due to the pandemic.

It was chosen as a host in November 2013, and the city has worked hard to create and deliver a fantastic event with a magnitude beyond understanding. People from far and wide attended multiple times and enjoyed every minute.


Dubai’s popularity extends much further beyond the lists above but from there, you can understand why the city is favored, praised, and its fame never runs dry – even in the desert!


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