The 9 Best Risotto Restaurants In Dubai, UAE

Most of us agree that risotto is one of those dishes that ranks very high for a simple starch like rice.

To bring intense flavor and simplicity into risotto, you require patience, and only the best ingredients will satisfy the demands of this famous Italian creation.

Risotto as we know it today began back in the Middle Ages when Arabs brought rice into Italy and Spain. The Italians experimented with the rice and invented various dishes to present the ultimate rice flavor bomb.

So, where in Dubai can you find the best restaurants with exceptional risotto?

1. Moe’s On The 5th

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Moe’s is best known as an establishment that is the life of the party, with ample space for customers to enjoy the music and a great environment.

Providing excellent food and drinks, Moe’s is one of those places that should be a regular visit if you are staying in Dubai, and even for those that are only visiting the city.

Aside from being known for its exceptionally good vibes, you should order the seafood risotto they prepare at Moe’s on the 5th. Another thing that stands out from the experience you will have here is how attentive and friendly the staff is.

Most visitors find that this place quickly finds its way into their hearts and memories, and past visitors long for the experiences they had at Moe’s on the 5th.

  • 6 Street Sheikh Zayed Road 5th Floor, Sheraton Grand Hotel
  • +971 4 333 3055

2. 24th St. World Street Food

If you want a splendid experience in an environment that makes you feel like you can kick off your shoes and just relax with your feet in the air, then World Street Food is a place that must be on your list of risotto restaurants that you should try.

You can clearly see that the chefs put a lot of thought into the way they present every dish to their guests.

Apart from the food quality that will tingle every tastebud, the staff and floor managers are all very kind and attentive to all their guests’ appetite needs.

Catering to all dietary requirements from vegan to Kosher and Halaal, this establishment’s Seafood Risotto is a dish you simply must try. It will be the talk of the century, or at least it feels like it.

They also serve various other risotto dishes. So, if you are an adventurous eater, why not get both and see which is your favorite?

  • 33 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dusit Thani Dubai
  • +971 4 317 4515

3. Jones The Grocer – Dusit Thani Hotel

Do you ever wonder where your next euphoric food experience will come from? Despite how unassuming the name sounds, that experience might just come from Jones the Grocer.

From the very first bite of risotto that you place in your mouth, you will know that, for them, it is all about bringing only the freshest ingredients to each and every plate of risotto that they dish up.

You can see first-hand how they operate at Jones the Grocer, and it shows that they are passionate about the food they serve. The chefs prepare your food with care and affection, proving their passion for cooking.

The service from the staff also speaks for itself. If you want to experience what dining should be like without gimmicks and unnecessary fluff, just perfect risotto, then you should look no further than Jones the Grocer.

4. Play Restaurant & Lounge

Play Restaurant & Lounge is definitely the place to be, especially if you are a tourist. The establishment stands out from the others from the second you set foot in the lounge due to the fantastic service and exceptionally good-tasting food.

Locals passionately recommend Play Restaurant’s Mushroom Risotto Barrel, and with good reason, since this is a risotto meal you do not want to miss out on when you get hungry while exploring the city.

This is a great place where fine dining and live entertainment come together, where you can enjoy a show of exquisite entertainment while you relax, stretch out your feet, and just take in the fruit of their culinary skills that combines Asian and Mediterranean cuisine (they call it “Mediterrasian”).

Combined with exceptional service, you will be amazed by the relaxed environment you are in.

  • Sheikh Zayed Rd 36th Floor, The H Hotel
  • +971 4 336 4444

5. Qwerty

Qwerty is a gastro pub that does not try too hard to impress.

However, this is where they falter the most because they will impress if you are looking for a simple place where you can just “quench and munch” with none of the fluff commonly associated with fine dining.

Order a beer and quench your thirst; that will also prepare you for the taste experience of a lifetime when you order their Salmon & Bisque Risotto.

This risotto is made of only the freshest ingredients, including perfectly fresh salmon, which is quite tricky to find in Dubai, especially in a pub.

Another stand-out feature that makes Qwerty stand out from the crowd is that Fridays and Saturdays are open for you to bring your furry friends along so they can enjoy the refreshments with you.

The comfortable atmosphere, where you are surrounded by big smiles and open hearts from staff and guests, will make you feel welcome from the start to the end of your time there.

  • Plot No.1 Al Falak St Media 1 Tower, Dubai Media City
  • +971 4 427 1000

6. Gusto Italian Restaurant

With breathtakingly beautiful views of the creek, skyline, and buildings of Dubai, you will feel as if you are in the place where dreams are born.

The staff and management of Gusto Italian Restaurant believe that only the best will do for their customers. The food is all authentically Italian, which is excellent, especially the variations of risotto dishes you can tease your tastebuds with.

Though the menu of Gusto changes according to the seasonal freshness of the ingredients, you can absolutely try the Risotto con stinco di Agnello.

This risotto is true to the origins of risotto and brings the vibrant aroma, color, and flavor profile of saffron.

The food is all excellently prepared, while the service of the staff is authentically Italian as well with a genuine and warm welcome.

If it weren’t for the characteristic views and scenery of Dubai, you may for a few moments forget that you are not, in fact, in Italy.

  • Baniyas Road, Al Bandar Rotana on the 18th Floor
  • +971 4 704 2222

7. Nova Restaurant And Lounge

When a place comes highly recommended despite its prices putting them out of reach of most of the population that recommends it so strongly, you can say with absolute certainty that even the prices should not deter you from visiting Nova Restaurant And Lounge.

A restaurant like Nova should be visited at least once in your life; and, let’s be honest, you know you want to.

With a backdrop view of the Dubai Marina, you walk into a restaurant that allures its customers with Mediterranean fusion cuisine, combined with the experience of fine dining at its best.

At the same time, you enjoy live entertainment with food that is exceptional in taste, quality, and presentation.

Nova Restaurant may not be budget-friendly, but a true risotto connoisseur will not regret visiting this establishment.

A wide range of perfectly prepared and well-presented risotto dishes makes it worth saving up a bit more for one of the most remarkable experiences of your life.

  • 66 Al Marsa St Dubai Marina.
  • +971 4 578 4444

8. Trouvaille

Though Trouvaille is not inspired by Italian cuisine but rather fused with French and Lebanese cuisines, it offers a mushroom risotto that is beyond delicious.

Keep in mind all that this gem has going for it, including seriously tasty food and staff that is exceptionally attentive to all the guests who eat at the restaurant.

Trouvaille has a peaceful, calming atmosphere. It can boast of sophistication and artistry in every dish that is brought forth to your table. In fact, the chef’s artistic touch is one of the famous highlights of Trouvaille.

Be sure to indulge in the culinary art of this restaurant; you will not go home unsatisfied.

  • Al Jaddaf, Khansaheb Residence
  • +971 56 683 8678

9. Solo Dubai

What stands out about Solo is that it has an expansive selection of risotto dishes that you can choose from, and yes, all of them are exceptionally good tasting.

If you have to choose just one, then it is the Al Frutti Di Mare, which is a highly-recommended seafood risotto. Nevertheless, every risotto dish that Solo’s chefs prepare is made of only the finest quality ingredients.

Another thing that sets Solo apart from other restaurants is the fact that everything is made in-house, even the freshly baked bread.

This way, Solo ensures that all of its guests will experience authentic Italian cuisine, as fresh as possible, but with a slightly more modern touch added to some dishes. Solo is not your typical Italian restaurant and is well worth a visit.

  • Wafi City, Shk Rashid Rd Hotel Raffles Dubai
  • +971 4 324 8888


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