The 10 Best Russian Clubs In Dubai Right Now

Don’t miss out on partying with the fashionable in upscale bars, drinking vodka in the hottest spots, and reveling on lit dance floors.

Or sit back on a plush leather couch, look up at the world’s most delicate chandeliers, and take drags from an oriental hookah.

The City’s thriving Russian nightlife attracts party-goers from across the world, a nightclub cult that makes the iconic City come alive.

The unforgettable views and plush interiors of Russian clubs are a unique attraction. Here you can listen to live bands, watch skillful go-go dancers, and the DJs say it all: The Russian side of Dubai never sleeps.

1. Muscovites Restaurant And Club

Muscovites Restaurant and Club offers the ultimate exclusivity when it’s time to celebrate. Here you’ll mingle with the world’s fashionable and are entertained like a celebrity. DJs know the vibe, and clubbing here spells out wealth and class.

Muscovites Restaurant And Club is Russian flair and style, a meeting zone – vodka, dance, and billiards. The club is a good place for catching up with friends.

And if you’re new in town, the Restaurant and Club is where you can dine in luxury and dance the night away.

The exotic setting is as much about food as people and music. This top-tier club attracts the best local and international bands.  

The food here is a fusion of international and traditional Russian recipes.

There’s an Arabic and Russian combo with black caviar, Lamb Po Russki and mushrooms, black olives, a chicken cutlet Po-Kievsky or Quail or rabbit. The muscovite seafood platter is a must.

You can party at Muscovites Restaurant and Club as if there’s no tomorrow and learn to say Na Zdorovie and toast to old and new friendships.    

2. Czars Russian Night Club


Czars Russian Night Club rates number one for atmosphere. The glitz and glamour set the scene for an upscale party vibe with live bands and dance performances all night.

Here the world’s most beautiful congregate and play in style. A motto often heard is: there is excitement after a hard day’s work.

Russian clubs are notorious for having bouncers. In the most authentic Russian club style, those tuxedoed gorillas (the chucker-out) are at the door to ensure no riff-raff slip in.

Friday and Saturday nights’ bouncers have a busy time making sure they practice commonplace Russian face control. So if you are eager to get in, arrive early for dinner before the bouncers are there.  

Czars is a friendly club, and there are plenty of jokes and fun for a boys’ night out. The Czar Russian nightclub in the four-star deluxe Capitol is unforgettable, and you’re sure to return.

From being surrounded by bevies of beautiful women to divine platters of food, Czars Russian nightclub must be on your must-be-at list. Weekends are a crazy hit, so make sure you’re there.   

3. Red Square Nightclub


Red Square club in Deira is the same name as that of Moscow’s oldest and most famous square.

The square at the center of Moscow and east of the Kremlin is surrounded by the iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

No wonder the glitterati flock to the Moscow Hotel’s Red Square nightclub for its history and glamorous vibe.

Red Square Nightclub is suitable for a night out with friends and colleagues. It’s a party spot that the City’s affluent locals frequent. There are extravagant dance performances from 10pm to 4am.

It’s a club you’ll want to put on a tick list for a revisit. The Moscow Hotel and its Red Square club don’t skimp on replicating the signature aspects of what a culture of luxury means in Russia.

The Hotel uses elements of the Russian coat of arms with the two-headed eagle as insignia for its excellence.

The ancient symbol is a struggle between good and evil that’s been part of this culture (and nationalism) since the reign of Ivan III in 1497.

  • Address: Al Maktoum Street      
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 4 491 2999   

4. Amadeus Club


The Amadeus Club in the Marina Byblos Hotel is the spot for socialites. The Amadeus Club is known for its visual extravagance, and you can party all night.

The fashionistas are drawn to the club’s live entertainment, and there are resident DJs to get you dancing. You can look forward to stunning dance performances.

If you’re new to the club scene, you’ll learn that as much as skimpy party wear is a no-no in public places, nightclubbing raizes the bar. The clubbing dress code is a different game.

You can dress to impress at Amadeus; for women, it’s short skirts and micro-minis. Men’s attire is their best shirt and trousers. Don’t think of rocking up in jeans or shorts and wearing flip-flops.

Amadeus is close to the City’s central business area and attracts business and leisure travelers. The upscale design and ambiance attract patrons with a keen sense of clubbing. Belly dancers’ hip and torso movement is an attraction.

And, if you plan it well, there are themed events like a night at The Castle of the Dead at Halloween.

  • Address: Ground Floor – Marina Byblos Hotel – Al Hubob St – Dubai Marina
  • Website:
  • Phone: +971 4 448 8222

5. Underground Club And Russian Lounge

At the Grand Excelsior, the gilded risqué emblem of an acrobatic pole dancer stands out. It’s the unmissable signature logo for the Underground Club And Russian Lounge.

Inside, the plush interior reminds one of Russian club king Alexei Gorobiy’s first clubs. Today the clubs are more hi-tech and slick than 30 years ago.

At Underground, you get a sense of why Russian nightclubs are said to ‘ignite Fridays and extinguish Sundays‘. Some say even say Russian clubs are ‘hell’s hottest fire.’ Clubs are often described as ‘high-style cathedrals of sensual warfare’.

Night clubs are notorious, and the upscale ones follow strict etiquette based on the access. A night out at the Underground Club and Russian Lounge is a learning curve; face control is standard, even here, and getting the right mix inside counts.

So if you’re new in town and want a Russian Club experience, head to the Underground Club and Russian Lounge in the Grand Excelsior Hotel’s basement.

The hotel’s ethos is world-class Arabian hospitality, and the founder, Dr. Mohammad Omar Bin Haider, puts a personal stamp here.

  • Address: 10 19 A St – Al Mankhool, Grand Excelsior Hotel, Basement Level 1
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 55 365 6575

6. Regal Russian Club

The Regal Russian Club sets the scene for post-socialist nightclubbing with the extravagances of past eras as a backdrop. Clubs in Russia only became allowed in the nineties; before then, clubbing was secretive.

The atmosphere at the Regal Russian Club rides on Russia’s links to be regal. And in this City, this nightclub incorporates this into the décor and ambiance.  

The Regal Russian Club is where you must come if you’re new in town. There are Russian singers and skilled DJs who keep the energy going.

The fun and entertainment mixed with belly dancers’ dance movements and alluring costumes is an attraction.

The mix of Russian bands and the live shows of belly dancers’ percussion and staccato movements make this an unforgettable experience. There are entertaining moments with go-go dancers too.

The Regal Russian Club is in the Regal Plaza Hotel near the Dubai Frame – an iconic landmark. It’s not far from the Arabian Tea House Café. So, after a day of sightseeing, a night out being entertained at the Regal Russian Club is a must.

  • Address: Al Mankhool Road, Al Mankhool
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 4 3556633

7. Rasputin Russian Night Club

Much goes into naming a club, which is sometimes why you want to be there. Rasputin Night Club is called one of the best, and it’s here that you’ll find the City’s party-goers.

Rasputin’s décor is chic and modern, and the live entertainment here appears to know no bounds. As clubbing goes, the entertainment here is unmatched. A regal setting, as you often hear patrons whisper.

You can party or just hang out. There is a wide selection of cocktails, and the DJ spins the hottest tunes and remixes. You can start conversations about the name, and that’s when the fun begins.

Amongst the many did-you-know lines, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin is a last-century Russian mystic who was a friend of Czar Nicholas 11, the last reigning emperor.

He is the offspring of a peasant family who became involved in the Russian court through his healing powers.

The Rasputin Russian Night Club is in the Al Sarab Hotel and in the heat of Dubai’s oldest part, the Al Rigga. It’s a historic district, now almost dwarfed by the developments around it.  

  • Address: Deira 36 A Street
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:  +97142555995

8. The Pirates Russian Dance Club

The Pirates Russian Dance Club is in the four-star SKAF Hotel near the luxurious mixed-use Dubai Cultural Village.

So after a day’s walking about and exploring the area or even an early evening stroll along the banks of Dubai Creek, you might want to see what nightlife here is about.

Business and leisure travelers casually stand around at the club and sip cocktails. The club has a Russian vibe which brings clubbers and leisure-seekers here.  

The location of The Pirates Club feeds off the hotel’s luxurious ambiance and setting near the Dubai Culture Village.

The Russian dance club adds a layer of culture that you will remember and reflect on. The setting of the Hotel is a memorable experience too. This area is renowned as a cityscape of Islamic architecture, and there are art centers and museums here.

The Pirates Russian Club is hot and happening with Russian and Arabic singers, go-go dancers, belly dancers, and plenty else to keep you entertained.

9. Emperors Nightclub

If you want an exclusive clubbing experience, head to Emperors Nightclub.

This is where you’ll experience night-time entertainment from late night till early dawn. There’s music arranged by a resident DJ to add live to magnificent floor shows.   

Emperors Nightclub has plenty to offer. The stand-out events are the choreographed belly dance shows that are nothing less than magic.

It’s easy to get transported by the music, lights, and dancing and let all our worries and concerns slip away.  

There’s hardly any nightlife better than what you get at Emperors Nightclub. Speak to anyone whose been, and they’ll say this night spot rocks.

Many clubbers keep returning for the night performances of the belly and go-go dancers. The shows are electric.

At Emperors Nightclub, you are guaranteed a vibrant atmosphere. There’s also an all-night à la carte menu, and the drinks are prepared by top mixologists. And if you felt like chilling, sit back and enjoy the finest shisha!

Sunday after ten and till 1am is Ladies Night with three complimentary drinks.

  • Address: Elite Byblos Hotel
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 56 775 3443

10. Tolstoy Library & Lounge Bar


The Tolstoy Library And Lounge Bar is an upscale venue in the luxe Moscow Hotel. The Tolstoy Library And Lounge Bar’s décor is in keeping with 19th-century Russian riches and that of a posh gentlemen’s club.

Here the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s lounge is copied with leather upholstered and oval-shaped backed chairs placed around card or game tables.

The ambiance is sophisticated, with the décor lending to the mannered atmosphere.

There are mirrors in ornate frames hanging on the walls, and French-polished bookcases with leather-backed books on the shelves, for an air of sophistication.

This is where you can get a sense of the learnedness and manners of the Russian aristocracy.

The Library And Lounge Bar is named after Russian aristocrat Leo Tolstoy. There’s a large portrait in the main lounge of the Russian writer, who is thought to be one of the world’s greatest authors.  

So what can you expect here besides the opulence and grandeur? In line with the Moscow Hotel’s reputation for portraying Russian culture’s vibrancy, there’s a premium list of beverages and delicious cocktails.   

  • Address:  48 Al Maktoum Rd
  • Website:  
  • Phone: +971 4 491 2999


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