The 13 Best Cafés In Dubai Mall for Coffee & Snacks

Known as one of the world’s largest shopping malls in the UAE, the Dubai mall is popular for its variety of dining and shopping options.

Also called the home of the Dubai shopping festival, Dubai mall is the perfect place for a coffee and snack at one of their cafes.

Frequent and non-frequent shoppers may all agree that one of the best parts of shopping is the time when you can sit at your favorite cafe for a drink and admire all you have bought.

Dubai mall offers many fantastic cafe options for this exact purpose.

1. L’eto

L’eto is the brand that is responsible for the Secret Garden by L’eto, also found in the Dubai mall. The company created the name by combining French and Eastern European terms to create the meaning of “summer”.

L’eto is a much more expansive cafe, also classified as a restaurant. It is an upscale luxury brand with international cuisine and beautiful interior features.

It is a very well-known cafe/restaurant in the UAE overall, with an emphasis on a cozy yet more glamorous setting.

The concept of the place revolves around summer, using bright, bold colors and new components in the food. It mainly makes for stunning photos of the food and the environment.

Hospitality is another thing that sets L’eto apart from many other cafes. Everyone is warmly welcomed and should feel comfortable for the duration of their experience.

Freshly baked pastries and cakes will make your shopping trip at the Dubai mall the ultimate journey.

2. Secret Garden By L’eto

Secret Garden is one cafe in the Dubai mall which we can call “insta-worthy”. It is the sister concept of L’eto. They are well known for their specialty coffee blends and, therefore, the ideal spot for a coffee break.

The environment is beautifully decorated with flowers, and, as the name suggests, it feels like you are sitting in an inside garden.

The cafe is well-lit, and it is quite the experience sipping your coffee or tea among the different flower arrangements while inside a mall. Their website boasts a wide range of coffee and tea options as well as pastries, cakes, and bread.

Due to their friendly and polite service, many customers would call this the best cafe in Dubai mall.

The food and drinks presentation also makes this cafe one of the best. Mocktails are wonderfully decorated, which suits the ambiance of the place.

With all the same concepts as the main branch, L’eto, the Secret Garden cafe adds its own personal touch by using all the flowers and colors to provide an escape from the busy and crowdy center of the Dubai mall.

3. Two At Symphony

Two At Symphony is a cafe that has a modern boutique-like interior with delicious breakfast options. It is the go-to place for shoppers that like to get in a hearty breakfast, such as the popular shakshouka, before they continue through the mall.

The cafe also has photogenic dessert and pastry options, which goes perfectly with a pick-me-up tea or coffee. This cafe is also an ideal location for a special celebration as they offer whole cakes and other festive eats.  

Not only is the food one of a kind, but the ambiance of this café is cozy yet stylish. The cafe actually comes from the trendy fashion boutique called Symphony.

Now you can shop at Symphony and relax in its associated luxury cafe, with similar design aspects.

The cafe won two awards in 2018, namely the Design of the Year (by IDentity Magazine) and the Hospitality Design Award. It is also sometimes called Two Cafes.

4. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove is one of the best cafes in the Dubai mall due to its view of the Burj Khalifa and the waterfall at the Dubai mall. Another excellent cafe to begin your day, as they are also popular for their breakfast options.

Walnut Grove has a rustic atmosphere combined with some modern elements. The concept originated from South Africa, and they designed the menu to match this.

They have all-day breakfast and brunch options for breakfast foodies and a range of social dining and appetizer foods. With many international food options, this cafe is a great place for all tastebuds and even vegan and vegetarian food lovers.

The Walnut Grove is an interesting cafe to visit as they draw on the inspiration of more traditional South African cuisine mixed with more local tastes. It’s a great place for individuals of all ages to meet up at any time of the day.

  • Address: Ground Level, near the Dubai Mall Waterfall
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +971 4 335 4888

5. Ladurée

The ultimate spot to get macarons in Dubai mall is a cafe called Ladurèe. It is a French cafe specializing in making macarons in all different flavors.

The small café creates an authentic French experience, with the aim of getting a taste of the high-quality macarons. You can have your favorite right there in the mall or pack a box for home or a beautiful gift.  

They offer all the classic options like vanilla, hazelnut, lemon, and coffee but also have other exciting flavors such as salted caramel, rose petal, and raspberry.

However, they also offer croissants and French toast if you prefer something else with your drink.  

Because they are so well known for their macarons, this classy cafe is an ideal place to get a macaron gift or for an event in another setting. It is one of those places that you specifically travel to for their specialty dishes – macarons.

They can be expensive, so they should be considered a treat.

6. Joe’s Cafe

For the views, Joe’s Cafe is one of the best spots in the Dubai mall. It has international and European cuisine, one of its favorite dishes being the risotto grand lobster and burrata.

On the terrace, visitors can see the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain from the cafe. The fantastic views are one of the main attractions of this cafe.

Warm and professional service from this cafe has also been reported, along with being a couples or family-friendly setting. Some also enjoy this scenic spot to work or study, grabbing a drink or snack as the day passes.

It is also a great cafe for all-day dining, as it offers breakfast through to dinner, with tea and desserts along the way.

7. % Arabica

Calling all coffee lovers – % Arabica coffee shop is one of the best in the Dubai mall to grab great quality coffee made from premium beans.

Unique over the UAE, % Arabica has an outstanding reputation and is known for its signature and high-quality coffees. They grind their unique blend, which originated in Japan.

The cafe has a stylish, minimalistic design that draws upon some Japanese design. Many people will come, especially to the mall, for a fresh cup of coffee from % Arabica. You can also order savory and sweet snacks with your cup of coffee.

8. Angelina Paris

Angelina Paris is a cafe that is known for its breakfast options as well as diverse cuisine. The cafe is full of charm and elegance, with elements from Parisian history.

They have a variety of different foods on the menu, including French, Italian, and Arabian dishes.

To experience something unique, you should order the famous hot chocolate called L’Africain along with the Mont-Blanc Pastry. They also do events and catering and are a beautiful spot for birthdays, bridal showers, or other celebratory events.

At an event or as a gift, you can order the macaron tower, which consists of a particular pyramid of macarons arranged with flowers.

9. Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar is the place to go for a unique chocolate treat. The Chocolate Bar started in the United States in 2002 but really came to life in Dubai.

The cafe aims to be creative with chocolate, creating indulgent recipes and desserts with lots of bold flavors. Chef Alison Nelson is responsible for all the interesting inventions and chocolate designs.

The company also focuses on sourcing cocoa from sustainable areas such as deforestation-free zones and creating an ethical and protected work environment for employees.

Popular dishes include crepes, the decadent molten cake, and drinks with chocolate like milkshakes and hot chocolate. There are many other creative chocolate dishes to try.

Currently, the cafe is reportedly closed but will be back soon, and you can plan it for your future visit.

10. Paul Cafe

Paul Cafe is a French cafe in the Dubai mall, offering all kinds of French pastries, cakes, desserts, and savory snacks. It is a family company with small beginnings already in 1889 in Northern France.

It is a bakery and a restaurant with a warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere. An extensive menu ranges from appetizers and sandwiches.

But there are also plenty of options for those who want to go straight to the main course or dessert. They also have vegan options.

There is more than enough seating inside the cafe, which can be pretty busy as it is a popular place for students.

11. Arto Coffee

Arto Coffee is a cafe in the mall with some “instagrammable” corners. It is another all-day breakfast place with various cuisines, typical of cafe food.

They offer many different coffee choices and sweet treats to accompany them, but their main attraction is their interior.

It is an aesthetically pleasing cafe, with a recommendation to try out French cuisine options such as French toast and croissants. The food is presented in a pretty manner, with emphasis placed on special touches.

12. Seattle’s Best Coffee

As some might know, Seattle’s Best Coffee is one of the shops especially for coffee in the Dubai mall and also has many other branches in Dubai.

It has also been one of the coffee cafes that have been around for longer and is perhaps well-known by most people.

The brand was already launched in 1968 and is one of the original places to get good quality coffee.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is a great place to grab a takeaway cup from the counter and continue with your shopping, especially if you don’t want to spend time sitting down at a cafe. They offer a range of coffee options, from classic espresso to chai lattes and iced coffees.

13. Caffe Nero

This cafe is a more casual setting in the mall where you can relax and enjoy their signature coffee blends.

It is one of Europe’s leading independent coffee house brands, and they are centered around an ethical approach to sourcing its high-quality coffee beans.

Regarding food, they offer fresh ingredients to make simple yet delicious cafe-style dishes. Customers enjoy the simple typical coffee shop setting, with lots of seating space, but a takeaway is also an option.

The place is loved for its affordability, but no compromise to the great-tasting coffee. The food is Mediterranean based with breakfast and dining options.

Although Caffe Nero provides quality but simple options, they also have more interesting options like an iced coffee with espresso and a little orange juice – called the iced bumblebee coffee.


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