The 13 Best Baklava Shops In Dubai (True Turkish Sweets)

Most cuisine is closely associated with a particular country or culture, and baklava is that for the Persian, Arabian, and Greek countries.

Whether it’s on National Baklava Day or not, you may find yourself in Dubai looking for cuisine that is genuinely Arabian.

Baklava needs no introduction. It was the inspiration for many popular desserts, including strudels, after Turkish invaders took it to Europe in the 16th century.

This sweet, layered phyllo pastry dessert can be found all over Dubai, and we know precisely which baklava shops in Dubai are worth visiting for a slice of pastry heaven.

1. Hafiz Mustafa 1864


You will feel like you’re home from the first moment you step through the doors of Hafiz Mustafa 1864. The assistance and service you receive from the very first second are purely astonishing.

Being a tourist in a country that you barely know can be flustering, but Hafiz Mustafa 1864 will have you feeling right at home as soon as you walk in and smell something inviting and sweet.

Apart from the exceptional service, Hafiz Mustafa 1864 is best known for its exceptional baklava. They are even known to let customers try some before purchasing, not that there’s any doubt that you will buy once you try it.

You will find baklava that will tingle your tastebuds, and before you know it, you will find yourself becoming a regular visitor to this establishment.

2. Loqum Fine Sweets

Loqum Fine Sweets is genuinely one of those gems that often gets overlooked because of the shop’s small size.

As is often the case, though, you will find that despite its size, the people at this establishment do their work with pride.

This kiosk store is true to its Turkish heritage, and you will find that it has some of the best baklava and variations of other Turkish sweets and treats.

The staff at Loqum Fine Sweets are also very attentive to all of their customers’ needs. Do yourself the favor of indulging in the truly Turkish Pistachio Baklava.

Once you’ve tried their selection of baklavas and other delectable Turkish sweets, we can almost guarantee that you will be back for more.

3. Deniz Bey Turkish Sweets

This shop is another excellent example of the authentic culture of Dubai and the sweet treats that you can find in this fantastic city. The owner himself is actively mingling with his customers and is attentive to their needs.

With the variety you can find at Deniz Bey Turkish Sweets, you will find it very difficult not to feel completely satisfied as you walk out of this store.

A very striking aspect of Deniz Bey is the amount of pride the owner has in his business, clearly demonstrated in the way all of the desserts are presented.

The baklava is sure to make your tastebuds sing of pure joy and satisfaction. Deniz Bey Turkish Sweets is a must if you’re touring to find what Dubai has to offer when it comes to the best baklava dessert.

4. Maras Turka

Maras Turka is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai, where you can truly experience the authenticity of Turkey and every aspect of Turkish cuisine.

One thing is undeniable; if you visit Maras Turka, the baklava and Turkish ice cream combo is one of the best dessert combinations ever, and you should not pass it by. The baklava is also some of the freshest that you can possibly find.

Apart from the quality of the food, Maras Turka also prides itself on the presentation of every dish. Not only that, but the serving sizes are genuinely astounding.

Not only is the baklava outlandishly delicious, but the service is on the dot exceptional. The staff members are very attentive to all their customers and will be checking in on you every so often.

  • Sheikh Zayed Road Mazaya Center, Office entrance B, 1st Floor.
  • +971 4 884 5286

5. Basboussa

Basboussa is a purpose-driven establishment that knows precisely what its purpose is, and it does that exceptionally well.

This shop only specializes in desserts; nothing more and nothing less. Since that is Basboussa’s specialty, this will definitely be one of the best baklavas you will ever taste in your life.

It is also one of the freshest baklavas you will find in Dubai since all of Basboussa’s treats, pastries, and desserts are freshly baked every day.

It does not sit out for who knows how long, as it could happen at other establishments. The staff and owners take pride in what they do and how they present all of the various desserts that they have to choose from.

Another thing to note about Basboussa is that they offer excellent delivery and customer service.

Even in the odd cases where orders go wrong (we are all human, after all), the issues are resolved quickly and elegantly by the owners and management.

Basboussa puts just as much effort into quality service as into the quality of the baklava and other desserts.

6. Al Hallab Restaurant And Sweets

At Al Hallab Restaurant and Sweets, you find yourself surrounded by faithful and authentic Lebanese food and treats.

What puts this shop above some of the other restaurants out there is that you can order authentic dishes that are true to the culture of Lebanon, which is hard to come by at other restaurants.

The sweet baklava slices are some of the freshest and tastiest slices of phyllo pastries that you will ever experience.

Apart from the authenticity of the food, not to mention the freshness, you will also have staff that attends to your needs and are on the mark with their service, and where they falter, they are also quick to resolve any problem.

Unlike many other establishments, the management team is just as involved with the customers as the rest of the staff.

They will make no secret of how much they appreciate you being a customer of theirs and use your feedback to help them improve the team and the level of service that they offer their customers.

7. Al Baba Sweets

There is no need for you to accidentally stumble upon Al Baba Sweets; we already stumbled upon this quaint little shop for you, and what an experience it is.

You will be overjoyed when you step into Al Baba Sweets and experience the various incredible baklava treats available.

The store is clean and almost more reminiscent of an expensive jewelry store than a sweet shop. The service is just as exceptional.

Also, if you want some edible gifts that you can take home with you so that your family and friends can try some of the best baklavas in Dubai, you can buy them here.

Al Baba Sweets presents the baklava in beautiful, boxed packaging, perfect for gifts.

  • Mohammed Bin Rashed Boulevard, facing Vida Hotel, Downtown Dubai.
  • +961 7 735 226

8. Al Samadi Sweets

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Al Samadi Sweets offers a mind-blowingly large variety of baklavas and other sweet Arabian treats.

This establishment is so popular, and its treats are so well-known that you should get there early in the day to get your hands on some of the products before they get sold out.

Though they make fresh batches of baklavas and other sweet delicacies throughout the day, this could take some time.

The sweets and baklavas are well packaged and stay fresh for a while since they are made from exceptional quality products.

If you want to buy enough of the treats to take some back home, you can definitely do so. It can stay fresh during your travels (assuming you won’t be traveling for months).

One sign of an establishment that’s doing something right is if even the locals recommend it. Al Samadi Sweets is one of these, and it strives to be exceptional in its craft.

9. Bosporus Turkish Cuisine – Jumeirah

Dubai offers many wonders to tourists, but Bosporus Turkish Cuisine is definitely one of the stops you really should make at some point during your journey. Bosporus’ slogan says it all: “Your Bridge to Turkey.”

Venture into this Turkish restaurant and experience some of the best Baklava varieties, combined with the atmosphere of traditional Turkey, just like a scene from a movie.

They strive to bring Turkish flavors to your table with passion, with all of the authentic flavors and aromas commonly associated with famous Turkish cuisine.

The proprietors are proud of their culture and strive to bring that pride into every dish that they prepare.

10. Feras Aldiyafa Sweets

Feras Aldiyafa Sweets is more of a café intended for take-away snacks than a place where you can sit and enjoy the sweet, authentic baklava treats you order.

Though there are some seating areas around the establishment, they can get crowded very quickly. This happens with good reason, though, since the quality of Feras Aldiyafa’s baklava is exceptional.

The display of sweet treats in the café will appeal to anyone passing by, which increases the establishment’s popularity even more.

Be sure to order the baklava, but you may also wish to indulge in some of the other sweets that they sell, like the Kunafa, which is a taste sensation. You simply cannot go wrong with Feras Aldiyafa Sweets.

11. Habib Bakery & Supermarket

Like all the other baklava shops on this list, this place is astounding, and one of its outstanding features is that it is open 24 hours a day.

This is not very common in Dubai, and it’s a good fact to be aware of for those late-night baklava cravings; when they arise, you can now do something about it.

Habib Bakery & Supermarket has a vast selection of various sweet pastries, cakes, and even delicious freshly baked loaves of bread. You can also see that the supermarket takes pride in its baked goods by the way the pastries are displayed.

Habib bakery also has a very clean and sleek online shop where you can order the same freshly baked treats. Go ahead and have a look and see what they have in store to tempt you into trying the various delicacies.

12. Qwaider Al Nabulsi

As a tourist, you might easily be disappointed at first sight of this place. Though the facade of Qwaider Al Nabulsi can easily deter you from taking your first steps inside, it really should not. Its looks do not reflect the quality of its goods.

Though the locals recommend this place for its famous Kunafa, the baklava is equally great and definitely not a sweet treat that you should pass by.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that Qwaider Al Nabulsi’s selection of 2 kilograms (about 70 ounces) of baklavas will not be enough to satisfy you for long.

That’s not because of poor quality; instead, the treats do not last long because they are that addictive. Once you have started eating, it becomes hard (even nearly impossible) to control yourself.

13. Best Mix For Sweets

This shop’s name actually speaks for itself, talking about the best luxury combinations of desserts the world has to offer.

The company only uses some of the finest and best raw ingredients (often imported) to prepare the most incredible selection of sweet treats that you can buy at the local shop or online.

These are some of the best baklavas you will ever experience in your travels. With how lively and excitedly the staff approach their guests, you will feel appreciated from the very first moment you set foot into this shop.

Be sure to take a look at the online shop as well. In today’s age of online shopping, you can have some of the best baklava delivered to your doorstep anywhere around Dubai. The variety on offer is also second to none.


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